Barefootedness is ubiquitous for some

By Johnnesha Wilson
Flapjack Chronicle

Watch out for that piece of glass!

 Quite often people walk around shoeless at the beach, park, or perhaps after a long day of being at work. It is commonly known for many people to walk around their house barefooted, or to even take their shoes off before entering one’s home, but or a select few — barefootedness is tended to religiously.

In regards to those who practice walking barefooted ubiquitously there has been a bit of controversy on whether it’s healthy or not for them to do so.

According to Delialah Falcon, publisher of symptonfind, who wrote a report on the pros and cons of walking barefooted, supporters of the movement accuse poor fitting shoes for the plethora of foot problems. They believe by walking barefooted it can correct a person’s balance and posture because shoes can cause muscle weakness and perpetuate problems for the foot and ankles.

Bruce R. Franz, a podiatrist of Arcata, Calif. with at least 30 years of experience, said he walked on hot tar when he was a kid. When the city would pave the ground, he tried it to see if he would be able to tolerate it and could.

“Those were the good old days. No one does it anymore,” he said while chuckling.

Franz suggests that it’s best to walk on an even surface such as grass or dirt because it really helps the muscle in your legs which is supported by the big toe.  He also mentioned that cement really hurts your feet, and so people hardly walk barefooted anymore. They wear shoes.

“Some people can get away with it, and some people can’t do it at all,” he said.

In fact, podiatrists have begun making plastic plates to go inside shoes like an insole except it does not go all the way down your foot. They examine a person’s foot and take its range of motion in order to make a correct cask for the foot.

Veronica Coraggio, 21, psychology major, believes walking barefooted is not problematic because people were walking barefooted before shoes were invented.

“I’m curious if their feet get cold anymore because I hear that they get calluses although their posture is better,” she said.

On the other hand Ide Sullivan, 20, art major, feels as though walking barefooted  is unsanitary not worth it.

“If you step on a nail or glass you can get infected and get gross shit in your foot,” she said.

Questions about the safety of people walking barefooted answers may vary depending on the specialist area of interests.

Falcon mentioned that most doctors agree that children’s feet will benefit from spending time barefooted because it gives their feet the chance to grow and develop naturally.

Keep in mind, she noted, that picking up bacteria, fungal infections, and viruses such as blisters, athlete’s foot, and hookworms are possible if barefoot outside.


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