No plans to expand childcare at HSU despite the current wait list

By Hannah Rodrigues
Flapjack Chronicle

The Humboldt State University Children’s Center has been a thriving form of childcare for years. The Children’s Center is a convenient place for students and faculty to bring their children because it is located right on campus. With a high demand for childcare on campus, we have to wonder…. are there any plans to expand the HSU Children’s Center? Seven different classrooms that accommodate children of all ages seems like a lot but is there enough room at the center for every child in need of care?  

Mellissa Wright is a child development major and has extensive knowledge regarding the Children’s Center through classes she has taken at HSU. Wright spends her weekends babysitting a few children that attend the center.  

“It really is an amazing place to take your children,” Wright said. “A lot of students with children take advantage of the resources available to them and HSU makes that super easy.”

The Children’s Center does however have a wait list. In order to join the wait list, log in with your HSU ID and password and you can begin the registration process. The chances of your kid getting in depends on how many kids are on the wait list. Although it is not usually a long wait, all of the classrooms are only able to care for a limited amount of children at a time. The youngest age children can join the center is 12 months old.

Betsy Wilson is the assistant director of the HSU Children’s Center and is always interested in making the center a comfortable environment for families.

“It depend on the family but usually children continue attending the Children’s Center throughout future semesters,” Wilson said.

The Children’s Center also caters to the needs of potty training and diapering. The staff is fully ready to aid children throughout their adventures during potty training. Information on a white board is utilized to ensure that every child tries to use the bathroom as frequently as possible.

“The Children’s Center can be pretty affordable if you are on a budget and it’s defiantly cheaper than other places in town,” Wright said. 

The average cost of childcare provided by the Children’s Center depends on how many hours of care are needed. At the center, the starting cost is $17.50 a day for up to four hours or $35 a day for six or more hours. Despite the fact that this is one of the most affordable places in town, the cost can add up quickly if you have more than one child registered. 

The Children’s Center is not the only source of childcare available. Students are also able to seek childcare from the Child Development Lab or from the 10th Street Center that attends to toddlers and preschoolers. All of these options are provided to students and faculty through HSU.

“I was shocked at how many forms of childcare HSU offers, it’s amazing!” Wright said.

A lot of students and faculty are not aware of all the different outlets of childcare available to them. The Children’s Center is always looking for more amazing staff members as well which is helpful for students that are looking for a fun and rewarding job.

If families need additional childcare when school is not in session, the center is able to meet those families need. The Center is open for many holidays and breaks.

“The Children’s Center is open for two weeks in January, during spring break and the two summer sessions.” Wilson said.

While the center is capable of providing children with everything they need at an affordable price despite the wait list, Wilson said the center is not looking to expand. 


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