Students search for jobs at HSU

By Kellen Costantino
Flapjack Chronicle

Many students at HSU are interested in becoming employed as Community Advocates, or CAs.  A CAs job is to live in the dorms with residents and help the school with policy enforcement, fire alarms, etc.  A CA is also expected to be an exemplary student, maintaining a 2.0 GPA.  The job comes with a lot of responsibilities. Adrian Baez is the CA for Cypress 4th-6th, and has this to say about his position.

“I’m getting exactly what I expected,“ Baez said. “The perks definitely make it worthwhile. Plus, it’s preparing me for future leadership roles”

CAs are representatives of HSU, so the school thoroughly interviews each applicant.  The hiring process is designed to be rigorous. It’s comprised of multiple interviews that test one’s knowledge of school policy. Last year’s applicants were placed in mock scenarios where they had to diffuse difficult situations.  Group interviews aren’t uncommon, and when an application is sent in it gets thoroughly examined.

Baez also knows how to handle uncooperative or difficult residents. “If we feel threatened we can call UPD.” He says, “Our job is to observe and report while we’re on rounds.” So combat training isn’t a requirement.

Chad Bundy, 19, HSU criminology major says he didn’t apply for the job because of the substantial time commitment.  CAs are required to file incident reports whenever they encounter residents straying from school policy as well as participate in all fire alarms they are physically able to.

Kyle Herout, Cypress Council President, has applied for the position and is awaiting the interview process.  Herout advised that anyone looking to apply build their resume by participating in student body, such as Cypress Council or Eboard.  Previous job experience of course also helps.

Anyone looking to apply for the position should include job history, strengths, weaknesses, GPA, and of course, achievements.  The job is quite a commitment, it’s year round and requires late hours.  Staying at school over break is also a possibility.  With all of these responsibilities, The job has got to have good pay.  In addition to having housing and dining provided, free of charge, CAs are paid $200 a month.


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