FUBZ continue undefeated in Tuesday’s dodge ball match.

By Annalise Ricciardulli
Flapjack Chronicle

Dodge right, dodge left, dodge forward, dodge backwards. Dodging is the name of the game. Here at HSU there are a number of clubs, activities, and intramural sports students can get involved in. One intramural sport students have found to be fun unwinding with friends is dodge ball. Every Tuesday the intramural dodge ball league meets in the west gym from 7 to 10 in the evening.

On Tuesday, March 4, the undefeated FUBZ, led by captain Trevor Short, took on the HSU Newman led by captain Omar Becerra Cortes in a nail-biting battle.

FUBZ captain Short said he enjoys the intramural dodge ball league because it helps him de-stress from his hectic day, and he also enjoys the atmosphere with his fellow teammates.

“I chose to get involved in intramural dodge ball because I needed a break from my competitive sport, football,” Short said. “Dodge ball is a good way to unwind from the stress of morning practice and have a fun time with my friends.”

Short said that the strategies his team used in Tuesday’s defeat were simply the five dodge ball Ds.

“The five Ds in dodge ball are dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge and to not get hit in the face while trying to hit everyone else,” Short said.

Additionally, Short discussed his duties as a dodge ball captain and how he felt his team did against the HSU Newman.

“My responsibility as captain of the FUBZ is to make sure everyone has a good time, to lead by example, and also make sure my team wins,” Short said. “We came out victorious over our opponent and that’s all that matters.”

A fellow teammate on the FUBZ, Keaton Engle said he enjoys the intramural dodge ball league as a way of relaxing after football and class. He also said that Tuesday’s opponent was easier than previous opponents.

“Dodge ball is a lot of fun especially with the people who are on my team,” Engle said. “This week’s opponent was not as difficult as last week’s. However, I’m predicting that upcoming games will be more challenging based on watching the teams on the other courts but I’m confident the FUBZ will be able to stay undefeated.”

A fellow fan of the FUBZ, Zarian Palmer said he enjoys watching the dodge ball teams because all the players get very involved which makes it an exciting environment to be in.

“Watching my friends on the dodge ball team is entertaining because they take it so seriously but they still look like they are having a good time,” Palmer said.

Along with being an avid fan Palmer said he enjoys being an asset to the FUBZ.

“I feel like I am involved in the FUBZ’s victory because I am basically the cheerleader and ball boy,” Palmer said.

This week’s game added another victory to the record book for the FUBZ. The team is looking forward to next Tuesday’s game against their opponent the Gozongas and they hope to stay undefeated and become the champions of the dodge ball league.


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