Mattole Restoration Council hops up to Pints for Non-Profits

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By Oliver Cory
Flapjack Chronicle

Thirsty patrons at the Mad River Brewery Company Tasting Room were treated to the jazz-folk sounds of the Lyndsey Battle Trio. The event, Pints for Non-Profits, was held to raise money for the Mattole Restoration Council on March 5.

“Drinking beer for a good cause is a pretty good idea,” Hezekiah Allen said. “If Eel River and Redwood Curtain and Lost Coast and all of the breweries would make this into part of their business plan I think it could really help support the non-profit community”

Allen is the former executive director of the Mattole Restoration Council and held the position until nine months ago.

Allen said that this is the second time that they have participated in Pints for Non-Profits, but they haven’t done it since March 2011.

“Every single moment is a moment to do something better going forward,” said Allen. “To worry about what’s behind us is a waste of time and energy, and I really appreciate what the Restoration Council has always been very inclusive and very forgiving.”

Allen said that the organization runs on the principle of helping land owners change the future, rather than pointing fingers for past actions.

“It’s a grassroots organization, so it’s a lot of land owners who started it,” said Pamela Conn. “A lot of the land owners realized, here’s our land, it’s kind of messed up, we’ve got to fix it.”

Conn is the contract manager of the Mattole Restoration Council.

“It’s kind of neat that it was people who just lived there, that decided that it was a problem, and they wanted to fix it,” Conn said.

“We have some of the last runs of Coho, Steelhead, and Chinook that are all wild fish,” Cassie Pinnell said. “We’ve been working for about 30 years to try to bring back those runs and also try to put the watershed back together after it was logged in the 40s.”

Pinnell is the executive director of the Mattole Restoration Council.

“We’re trying to support the land owners to help put their land back together,” Pinnell said. “We rely on fundraising and we rely on grants.”

Conn and Pinnell said that the organization plants trees, fixes eroding roads, protects houses from fires and helps with water conservation.

Attendees of the event heard the music of the Lyndsey Battle Trio with selective accompaniment by Lyndsey’s 5-year-old daughter Bela.

“She just started playing fiddle, like, two days ago,” said Battle.

Battle, who has been playing music for 20 years, said that now her daughter is determined to become a fiddle player.

For more information about the Mattole Restoration Council visit:

To learn about the Mad River Brewery Company Tasting Room visit:

To hear the music of the Lyndsey Battle Trio visit:


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