Pints for non profits: a good cause for a good time

By Caitlin Mitchell 🙂
Flapjack Chronicle

Mad River Brewery proves once again with their Pints for Non Profit night that even though charitable organizations might not be in the game for profit, they can still be in it for a good time.  This week’s benefit went towards the Mattole Watershed Council.  The folk band The Lyndsey Battle Trio and La Barca’s food truck joined the taproom in inviting the crowd to come in, relax, and have a good time for a good cause.

Mr. Sunshine, a local patron who can also double as a behind the bar volunteer when duty calls, attended the event and offered up an insider’s view to the tasting room.  As a regular to the tasting room over the years Mr. Sunshine has learned as much from his corner seat as those working on the other side of the bar. He even helped train Jake Taulbee, ‘tapmaster’ and bartender.

“He practically runs this place,” Taulbee said.  “When I first started I really thought he worked here he taught me so much.”

Not only does Mr. Sunshine have his own corner seat, he also has his own engraved mug with his nickname on the side. The engraved mugs first started two years ago and the original 30 hang in the bar.  Now the only way one can earn their way onto the wall is by being picked in a lottery style fashion should a spot open up.

“It’s not likely that a spot will open up though,”  Taulbee said.  “We’re family here.”

The taproom had a vibrant feeling for the event.  There were plenty of newcomers and pints to mingle with the locals and their engraved mugs.  Kayla Trotter, a 22-year-old HSU student, was visiting the brewery for the first time.

“The Mattole Watershed Council is doing great work; I had to come out,”  Trotter said.  “Besides, this one beer is helping me, the council and this drought.”

On the council’s website: “The objectives and purpose of the Mattole Restoration Council are the restoration of natural systems in the Mattole River Watershed and their maintenance at sustainable levels of health and productivity, especially in regards to forests, fisheries, soil, and other plant and animal communities.”  The Council is persistently working towards their vision, “a time when restoration is no longer needed.”

Garrett Costello, an environmental science major at HSU and volunteer for the event, marveled at the hospitality of the brewery.  The Pints for Non Profit nights are only the beginning for the ways Mad River Brewery connects with the community that it proudly serves.

“Mad River is a local favorite; it’s beer selection is just the beginning,” Costello said.  “But the beer definitely doesn’t hurt either.”


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