Free store provides outreach

By Madison Carlin
Flapjack Chronicle

A Eureka “free store” saved the day when single mother, Kathy Davis, needed clothes for a second job.

“I didn’t have any interview appropriate attire or money to spend,” Davis said. “Then I thought ‘Hey, the Free Store.’ I stopped by and found a decent outfit. I got a call later that week. I got the job!”

The Rescue Mission in Eureka has been providing services since 1967. Th group’s free store is just a part of the establishment that serves to help the community but within the four small walls people can find what they need for no cost.

HSU student Jenna Kelmser was recently shopping around on her small budget in the free store.

“It’s a wonderful place where people who can’t afford clothes have a wide selection of necessities,” she said.

The program consists of giving away donated items. Donations are sorted and those of good quality can be found in the thrift store just around the corner. When clothes have a hole, missing button, a broken zipper, or simply have been sitting in the thrift store for too long, they are sent to the free store. The profits from the thrift store go directly to funding the other services and the 10 paid workers.

Executive Director Bryan Hall is glad to help out the community in any way possible.

“We’ve had people take stuff from the free store and then sell it at a yard sale,” Hall said. “It’s still helping out the community and getting the clothes out of there.”

The free store provides an array of products needed to live a healthy life like hygienic items, feminine products and diapers.

The staff is cautious about transients or people who may be hoarders.

“We limit the items they take then,” Hall said. “We’re just trying to help them out.”

The Rescue Mission is all about the community and  provides many other services including a recovery program and shelter for men, women and children.

The Rescue Mission is located in Eureka on 110 2nd street. The free store is open Tuesday to Friday from 1:00-4:15 p.m.


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