Sexland promotes body and sex positivity

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By Johnnesha Wilson
Flapjack Chronicle 

On Saturday, March 1, the Peer Health Educators of Humboldt State University held the “Sexland 2014 Candlyland: Don’t Yuck My Yum!” event in the Kate Buchanan room which provided activities, games, and resources about body and sex positivity.

“It’s a safe place where we can talk about sexuality without judgment, fear, or shame,” said Ravin Craig.

Just to name a few, inside they had several tables set up from toys to health services such as: sex toys, awkward questions, online dating, videos on masturbation, cervical self-check, Plan Parenthood and Check-it all surrounding the center table filled with mouthwatering candy and much more.

Craig, head coordinator of the Peer Health Educators,who has been a part of the event for five years says it a place to meet people and have fun. Also, she believes it’s important to love your body and value your self-worth.

“By having the ability to feel sexy without being media pretty,” she said.

Joe Comer, 21, social work major, and Peer Health Educator sat at the online dating table where he had a “Glory Hole” set for people to stick their hands inside without peeking and to guess the item they are touching.

Comer said it shows people how it is when you hook up online and how the safety might be without stigmatizing because you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

“It’s always good to be safe than sorry,” he said.

Although the themes vary each year ,the message it’s intended to get across remains the same. Sexland’s main objective is educate individuals on being open with their sexuality or gender by promoting safety, consent, and supplies.

“It’s the whole concept of not being ashamed of what they find yummy because people think it’s yucky,” said Tami Iraneta.

Iraneta, 21, critical race and gender studies major, who first year it was working with the Peer Health Educators as one of the coordinators, message that she contributed was to be comfortable in your skin because it’s okay to love yourself and be sexy.

Another one of the many events that Sexland hosts is the very popular Drag and Talent Show that was held later that evening.

One of the performers Brittany Britton, 25, alumni of HSU has performed in the drag show for six years. She dresses up as a man named Jules  with a rock pompadour hair style.

“The gender binary isn’t real,” Britton said.


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