Humboldt gets its drag on

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By Turner Gold
Flapjack Chronicle

With dozens of onlookers gazing with what can only be described as utter confusion, drag queen Susie Cyanide straddled a giant inflatable penis while removing layer after layer of extravagant clothing. While this may seem like a scene straight from the most bizarre of movies, it was actually merely one of the many spectacles of this year’s Sexland Drag & Talent Show. Put on by the Humboldt State University Peer Health Educators, Sexland is a four-day long series of events aimed at spreading sexual and mental health awareness and throwing as much fun out there in the process. As part of the finale on March 1, the long awaited drag and talent show was held.

“[The peer helpers] have been working on this for so long,” said peer health educator Joe Comer. “I can’t believe we actually managed to pull it off, [the peer helpers] have been so excited for this!”

And pulling it off was by no means an easy task. Gazing at what was once the KBR room, it had been totally transformed by the plethora of neon and rainbow colored streamers, lights, decorations and signs advertising the traditional healthy messages being spread by the peer health groups. As the seats filled and the lights dimmed, a mysterious MC emerged covered in a plastic garbage bag as he performed a particularly unsettling rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

“I have absolutely no idea what I was expecting,” said freshman Hannah VanNiekerken. “But it certainly wasn’t this… and I love this.”

Now free from his confinement and donning a rainbow bob-cut wig, the MC “Tits McGiggles welcomed the first of many dazzling drag queens to the stage. From slow, slightly erotic strip dancing to upbeat, ridiculous dance numbers that spanned the entire room, all walks of the drag queen life were demonstrated. Additionally, student performers were brought on stage in order to diffuse the chaos that can only be created by the most fabulous of drag queens.

From eloquent slam poets to the light, alternative rock that Humboldt seems to be known for, these student performers balanced out the over-the-top performances of the effervescent drag queens. Finally, as the show drew to a close, the MC welcomed the most famous of local bands to the stage — Space Biscuit. With the masterful blend of rock, techno and light screamo, the band played as the audience jumped up towards the center in a flurry of ridiculous dancing.

Having been the first drag show she’s ever been to, freshman Isabell Ceja noted: “I really don’t think I’ve ever seen something that amazing in my life.”


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