Shave minutes off your shower routine

By Jane Matthews
Flapjack Chronicle

Humboldt County is known for a lot of things, some of which being its astounding natural scenery, diverse population, and Subaru Outbacks. One thing that was unexpected, however, was the physical representation of feminist subculture. If you were walking around town, specifically in Arcata, on a sunny day, you’d find plenty of unshaven female legs. While it may or may not all be focused around the feminist movement, hairy legs are without a doubt a huge staple of Humboldt life.

Humboldt State Student, Jeni Drake, 19, said she doesn’t shave her legs simply because she does not want to.

“It’s not about feminism at all,” she said as she gazed down at her legs. “I understand that we live in a patriarchal society and all, but I really just don’t shave my legs because it’s a burden. I wanna save water while I’m taking a shower and shaving my legs just takes time.”

KK Flory, 19, is an Arcata resident who wholeheartedly believes in the feminist aspect of hairy legs.

“First of all, when I did shave my legs, it was very time consuming,” KK said as she began to use her fingers to take count of all the reasons she chose to stop shaving. “It would take me, like, 45 minutes in the shower. And my legs only stayed smooth for, like, a day. It was kind of uncomfortable.”

She continued to list reasons.

“I didn’t have anybody to shave my legs for,” she said. “I decided that, since there was no reason to shave my legs, then why should I shave my legs? The patriarchy is stupid.”

KK Flory doesn’t just do it for the feminism, she also believes in the practicality of it all.

“I realized the benefits,” she said. “My legs are warmer in the winter, I spend less money on razors, and I look cool. I just kinda like how it looks at this point. I think it’s really silly that women are expected to be hairless. I’m totally fine with everything my body wants to do naturally and why should I alter that, you know? My mama always told me I’m perfect the way I am.”


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