Spliff Moth causes a ruckus

By Jane Matthews
Flapjack Chronicle

The crowd went absolutely wild as Spliff Moth, a local Arcata garage band, began playing at their first house show at the Q Street Country Club (a  large house on Q Street in Arcata) on Saturday, March 1. The performance started at around 9:30 p.m.  and their set lasted about 45 minutes, which was just enough time for the crowd to get rowdy without breaking anything in the house.

Jeni Drake, 19, stayed in her room throughout the show to escape the overcrowded living room where the band performed. “I smoked a spliff and drank wine in celebration,” she said. “It got pretty insane but I could still hear the music from my room. It was super chill.”

Skyler McCormick, 19, watched the show for the first few songs.

“They have a unique but a still very enjoyable sound,” she said. “They have a lot of diversity in their sound which, I think, is a really good thing for a band to have. It was also very easy to dance to, which is cool.”

Dance-able music, however, is the least of Spliff Moth’s worries, considering the entire crowd did nothing but dance during the course of the entire concert. It was easy to get sucked into a massive horde of pushing and shoving, but it was all in good fun.

As the show came to a close, a good portion of the crowd migrated to the porch to smoke cigarettes. KK Flory, 19, said it was easily the most exciting party she’s ever hosted.

“It was so hot and sweaty in there, but it was just so much fun,” she said as she pushed her hair out her face and began fanning herself. “Spliff Moth is the best band ever, I’m so glad they played a show at my house. Spliff Moth forever!”



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