Celebración Latina kick starts second year

By Charlotte Rutigliano
Flapjack Chronicle

Only in their second year, Hermanas Unidas de Humboldt celebrate a week long event dedicated to celebrating Latinas in the nation and in the local community. The kick-off event was held on Monday March 3, in the Kate Buchanan Room at Humboldt State University. The event started off with a ice breaker game, dinner, guests speakers and some traditional Latin dancing.

Hermanas Unidas de Humboldt was founded in 1994 at University California Berkeley by five young women who dedicated this organization to support hermanas (sisters) through their education. They now have 18 chapters all over California.

The kick off event was a small group it did not stop Hermanas Unidas de Humboldt from having a little fun while waiting for the first keynote speakers of the event. One of the ladies from HaU started a little icebreaker game called “jump in-jump out” to get everyone up, moving around and comfortable with each other.

When the keynote speakers arrived their presentations were in all Spanish. Two local Latinas shared their story of how they help Latinas all throughout California. Alicia Ruiz de Olea and Monica Angon were the speakers who shared all of there trails and tribulations of not only coming up as a Latina but trying to make it in a “man’s world.”

“Someone told me they didn’t think I could do the job as well as a man,” said Angon.

Ruiz de Olea also talked about an organization that she is apart of called LatinoNet.

“Wanting to help from your heart is the road to becoming a promoter,” de Olea said.

As the event came to a close some of the ladies from HaU talked about the weeks events, which included:

  • The forgotten; three  important women in Chicana history
  • Holistic medicine in the Latina culture
  • Celebrando safe spaces; our body, voice and power
  • Recover of a Latina; an autobiography about drug prevention (in Spanish)
  • Evita lives
  • HaU spring play
  • Barbara Curiel’s book release

The autobiography about drug prevention was intended as an empowering story with information about different types of drugs not only in the United States but also drugs that are more common in Mexico. The keynote speaker shared the effects that these drugs can have on our bodies.

Attendees said they were inspired by the event.

“We need to keep fighting for the changes,” said de Olea.


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