Move over studying, time to do some spy training

By Tania Ortiz
Flapjack Chronicle

Canyon Council is housing related who are in charge of organizing programs for the residents of Canyon. They decided to team up with Robots to bring the Canyon Housing Community closer. It was time to put away the textbooks and notes and replace them with gadgets and a tough training course. The mission given to Brittany Morrison was to transforms our average everyday college students into spies.

The students were expected to go from their average everyday selves and transform themselves into top spies. They were expected to toss their books aside for killer skills. They were going to be turned into humanities last chance at battling the robots that have taken over the world. Who needs school when you’re the world’s last chance at survival even if it’s only for a short amount of time.

Originally the plan was to only have one Canyon community time event which was the Glitter Jars happening next door in the Mad River room in the Jolly Common Giants building hosted by N.AK.E.D. Morrison had felt that due to some problems with coordinating their last event with Robots that they should be given the opportunity to get to collaborate one more time with them before the year came to an end. They came up with a spy training event which was something that was quite different for events hosted by Canyon Council.

Morrison is not only part of the Canyon council but also a member of Robots. Morrison along with the rest of Robot members had wanted to actually to do an event that had something to do with what Robots was all about.

“We wanted to do something that was actually something Robots members discussed in our meeting,” Morrison said. “We wanted to put this event as a tribute to March of the Machines.” 

The reason behind creating this event as a tribute to March of the Machines was because it was one the topics discussed the most in the meetings held by Robots. The main idea behind this event was creating an atmosphere were the students could escape everyday life and going in a world where robots have taken over. Their only chance at survival is to fight back and so they need be trained and master the skills to survive. Spies being one of the best with their ability to be sneaky and fast was the option that Morrison saw the best fit. 

The course that Morrison had set up to turn these college students into spies was a laser beam course followed by barbed wire obstacle. Then they were to test their memory they were to observe a picture and then be asked a question about what they remember about the picture. The final part the course was to test their aiming skills.

The course had been originally been set up as a solo mission. But Jennifer Hernandez and Viridiana Perez didn’t seem to listen to that part of the introduction. Perez had finished the course first sustaining some minor burns from the laser beams they were fake burns of course since the laser beam were actually just red pieces of string. When it was Hernandez turn to face the course she was doing great until she reached the memory obstacle. Perez felt bad for her friend so she took advantage of her spy skills and came up behind Morrison as she asked Hernandez her question. Perez skillfully without being caught raised up her hand to give Hernandez the answer she needed to move onto the last obstacle. Again Perez helped Hernandez complete the obstacle.

“You can never leave a fellow spy behind,” Perez said. “Plus she’s also my roommate so I am expected to help her out.”

Hernandez fought hard to pass all of the obstacles but was not given the title of a spy. She was disappointed to find out that she would not be making her dreams of becoming a spy come true. But she is glad that she has a career in criminal justice to fall back on.

“I always wanted to be a spy. I was so close, too,” Hernandez said, “Oh well. I’ll continue my studies in criminal justice now; that’s something I won’t mess up on.”

As the evening was coming to end there was a surprise visit from one of CAs Community Advocates on duty. Ashley Schauer had time to kill before she was to do her first rounds of the evening. Morrison had coaxed Schauer to give the spy course a try and see if she had what is needed to be a spy. At first Schauer was hesitant but after a few moments of being cheered on by the rest of the people attending the activity she gave in. Schauer and the laser beams had a rough start but halfway through the course she felt defeated. She turned around and headed back to the starting line.

Schauer had one thing to say that left the the entire room in giggles. All the students who know the CAs, know that they can never be transparent as they walk their nightly rounds. Their main goal is to make sure that students are not breaking any school protocols and that means that students are always on the look out for them — especially when they are up to no good.

“As CAs we don’t want to be spies; we want to be as transparent as possible,” said Schauer.


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