CCAT celebrates earth for May Day

By Jazmine Mendoza
Flapjack Chronicle 

For more than 10 years, the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology has hosted its annual vibrant May Day event that brings the community together  to celebrate the spring time between the winter and summer solstice, all while raising awareness on environment fertility with fun activities, music, food and workshops.

On Saturday April 26, soft rock music could be heard blasting from inside the house which was filled with working people setting up around. There was a lot of movement both inside and outside in the street of the house. Some people were on the floor as they chalked butterflies on the ground.

After being greeted at the entrance table from volunteers, visitors could participate in a raffle to win prizes.  For those who had never had the opportunity to visit the CCAT house, this was a great time to take a tour of all the neat resources they have for the community. While inside one could find a small library and a kitchen full of treats to try, outside with the gardens there was a cob oven firing and people making flower head wreaths.

One of the workshops held was the “Soil Workshop,” which demonstrated the vital role of a worm for fertilizer. Volunteer Elena Sisneros, 19, never realized how important worms were to soil before the workshop.

“The workshop was very interesting and I learned a lot from it,” Sisneros said.

There were also self improvement workshops like meditating, where candles were lit and people relaxed. The event also stayed alive with face painting and dancing along to live performances by Diggin Dirt and Compost Mountain Boys. CCAT co- director Julia Clark said that all the activities and workshops could not be put together without a team.

“A lot of work goes into planning the entire event that it takes multiple people to contribute and work together,” she said.

This was Clark’s first year planning the May Day event and she was happy the turn out of about 300 participants.
“People especially like to come for the May pole traditional dance, which is beautiful because the entire community that came out colorfully gathers around, ” said Clark.



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