At Teeter-A -Thon, students play the day away for charity

By Tania Ortiz

Flapjack Chronicle 

National Residence Hall Honorary held a 24-hour Teeter-A -Thon at the bottom of the Jolly Giant Commons Recreation room on April 18 and 19. Proceeds went to Food for People in Eureka. 

Ashley Schauer took a few minutes to explain what was the Teeter-A -Thon was all about.

“The main goal behind the event was to get students who live all across campus to help give back to the community they are living in,” Schauer said. “The Teeter-A -Thon was more of a way of attracting the students piquing their interest so that they would attend the event.”

The students got to enjoy being kids again while getting to go on a teeter totter with a friend and getting to feel like 5-year-olds out on the playground once again. Before getting on the teeter totter, the students were asked if they would like to donate some of their excess amount of their J points or a small amount to the funds for Food for People in Eureka.

Volunteers from the NRHH were scattered all over the Recreation Room, some catching a few Z’s while others were keeping an eye on the students who were on the teeter totters making sure everyone was safe.  

Dakotah Ramirez was a resident of Canyon who decided to stop by for a bit to see what all the teeter tottering was about. Ramirez observed that it was obvious that the volunteers were very tired but yet they were still up. 

“These volunteers chose to put their sleep to the side and stay awake for 24 hours trying to reach their goal for this charity event,” Ramirez said. “They wanted to give back to the community even if the check they presented Food for People in Eureka had a small value. The volunteers weren’t doing this to get attention or anything in return they wanted to give back the community they have chosen to call home for last eight months.”

 Matthew Terp had chosen to take on the first shift of the night and ended up staying half way through the event.

“I was excited about the teeter totter part but what I was more thrilled about was knowing that the donation we are receiving tonight will be going to a charity that is doing something for someone else even if it is just a small gesture,” Terp said. “Food for People was our first choice because we liked the idea that the people who worked for Food for People would be able to decide the food that the money from the event would buy.”    

Samantha Wilson had enjoyed working with Terp during their shifts together. Wilson was tired but having Terp by her side helped stay awake.

“He was amped up on his own energy,” Wilson said. “No energy drinks helping him stay awake for this event. He was a thrilled little chatter box when being interviewed especially when it came the reasoning behind the event and the charity they had chosen to give the proceeds to.”

Jennifer Hernandez, the secretary for NRHH, looked like she wanted to go crash on one of couches scattered across the Recreation Room. Yet she was still going around making sure that there was always someone on the teeter totters.

“Giving up 24 hours of my sleep was definitely worth it,” Hernandez said. “Knowing that we were able to get students to donate some of the J points to give to someone else. Now I’m out of here there’s a bed with my name on it waiting for me.”

Hernandez’s roommate Viridiana Perez kept an eye on her roommate making sure that if she needed rest that she would. Hernandez though chose to not sleep. 

 “Monsters and Rockstars drinks weren’t cutting it no more, she looked like she was on the verge of collapsing right were she stood,” Perez said.

Giovanni Partida, the treasure for NRHA, thought he’d only be working a two-hour shift and then getting a nice nap before having to wake up and start his next shift. Things didn’t seem to be going according to plan for Partida he ended up staying awake along side the rest of the volunteers. He looked excited about knowing that in only five hours he’d get, to get a full days of sleep. All he had left to do was add up all the donation made by all the students who had attended the event. Partida made sure to double check that he had written down every student donation. Once he finished up with all the adding and documenting everything Partida was happy to report that they had made more than they had expected to make. 

“We are happy to say that we will be able to present Food for People in Eureka, with a check for the value of $1,000,” he said. 


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