Lisa Rossbacher to take presidency at HSU

By Kellen Costantino

Humboldt State University is celebrating its 100th year anniversary. In the midst of this celebration, school continues as normal, but changes are in the making.

This July, HSU will have a change in presidency. Last year, Rollin C. Richmond declared his resignation. In his place, Lisa A. Rossbacher has been elected. Rossbacher is the current president of Southern Polytechnic State University in Georgia. She will be HSU’s first female president, and the first female geology major to ever take presidency at an American college campus.

Will Humboldt continue to grow as it has in the last hundred years? Spring preview students are well aware of the changes about to take place, such as the increased unit cap. In addition to a new president, HSU will be increasing it’s unit cap from 17 to 19.

“I like the direction the school is going in, and the new unit cap will help me get my degree in 3 years,” said high school senior Laurel Carver. Carver plans to major in biology, and has confirmed that she will be attending this fall.

The unit cap change will be enacted Fall 2014.

Richmond will continue to serve until the end of the spring semester.


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