Open mics turn entertainment around

By Savanna VandenHeuvel
Flapjack Chronicle

Open mics allow performers to share their artistry through a multitude of media, whether it be through music, poetry, comedy or another talent.

Jermy Rodda, a freshman, music major at Humboldt State University expressed that he has attended multiple open mics throughout the year.

“I’ve been to Blondie’s twice and I went to one of the open mics on campus,” Rodda said. “I’m a vocal emphasis major in music and on campus I have been working in the realm of music and the music building.”

Many times, the performers have no educational background in music, but they are generally well versed in an array of instruments and are looking for a place to share their individual stylings and original work.

Joshua Masada, a frequent performer at Northtown Coffee in Arcata, said that he and his friends perform at open mic night and like to turn the performance night into time spent with friends.

This shift to open mics is not just about the entertainment, but it is also about the people and atmosphere. Because open mics are hosted by a multitude of venues, each one offers a different atmosphere and set of people and by these settings being more intimate and individualized, more of these events are turning into nightly hang outs rather than a one time event. When talking with the owners of Northtown Coffee, they said that they like to keep their open mics small and they enjoy the close groups that come to watch and perform.

Danielle Madden, a sophomore at Humboldt State, said she likes to attend open mics for her Friday night entertainment and uses them as time to catch up and spend time with friends.

“I try to check out an open mic every Friday,” Madden said. “I generally go to Northtown or Blondie’s and my friends always come along and we hang out there until closing time.”

This trend is sticking and not only the owners of the venues are noticing, but so are the performers.


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