Unit cap gets a bump

By Charlotte Rutigliano
Flapjack Chronicle

For next semester, the unit cap, which now sits at 17 credits per semester is getting bumped up to 19. The change to the number of credits a student can take in one semester kicks in on the Saturday before the first day of classes, which means students can add those last few units on Aug. 23.

Heather Blevins, administrative support from the Office of Registrar, said that this bump was do to the high amount of last fall’s cap extensions. Many students petitioned for more units through the students’ specific department. The university did not make this decision. This was the decision made by the California State University chancellor’s office.

Since this unit cap was raised a important question was posed. Could this unit cap bump put students under more pressure to try and graduate in four years?

“Those students that it intimidates, I would say stick with what you’re comfortable with, and those go-getters I can see them taking advantage of it,” Blevins said.

Many students don’t think it will, like 19-year-old kinesiology student Tracy Lam.

“Absolutely not, just because you have more chances to take more classes doesn’t mean you will,” Lam said.

But since this news of this bump is coming at the end of the term, the graduating students won’t be able to participate in this new unit cap for next semester. Though one graduating student admits that she didn’t even know that this was happening.

“I didn’t even know it was happening,” said Katerina Snew, a 24-year-old graduating sociology student. “I don’t care too much though I think it’s great for those students who need like one more class to graduate.”

Blevins also said that students are excited about this.

“One because students don’t have to petition for more units and two it opens the range of classes so they can graduate sooner,” Blevins said.


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