House hunting can be stressful for students

By Annalise Ricciardulli
Flapjack Chronicle

For freshmen the end of spring semester is an exciting time because they successfully completed their first year of college but it is also when they get a true taste of being stressed out. Like any other semester there are last minute homework assignments, projects, papers, and don’t forget finals. In addition, they have the stress of finding housing for the next year. A few freshmen shared what their eventful experiences of apartment, dorm, and house hunting were like.

Beatriz Bautista, 19, a freshman from Los Angeles, explained she is searching for a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment. It is difficult because she does not want to have to overpay for an apartment that she is not occupying during summer, which makes finding one a time-sensitive event.

“Searching for an apartment is so difficult because you have to look for a comfortable location and rent price,” Bautista said. “And you have to time everything right. Because you can find the perfect apartment and then find out that it is available now and that the landlord wants to begin collecting rent as soon as possible — regardless of if you are actually living there or not.”

AHSU student,Jordan Bearg, 19, from Sonoma, explained her experience when she re-applied for on-campus housing in the College Creek dorms for next year.

“I did not get too overwhelmed when I started to plan where I wanted to live for next year,” Bearg said. “I just submitted my housing application through HSU’s housing and dining services and became one of the lucky few to be able to live on campus next year.”

Bearg said that had she not be selected it would have been chaotic to find off campus housing.

“If I hadn’t been selected I know I would have had an added stress I just don’t need at the end of my semester,” Bearg said. “I already have too much going on with finals and my English portfolio.”

HSU freshman Stephanie Medina, 19, from Pasadena, said that she felt her experience was extremely stressful because she faced several obstacles when searching for a house to move in at the end of the semester in May. 

“House hunting is beyond stressful, I think even more so than looking for an apartment,” Medina said. “In order to get a house that fit my criteria I started looking in March.”

Medina also said that after viewing multiple different homes she finally found the one and is looking forward to living off campus with her friends next semester.

“After countless hours searching, calling, and viewing different houses with my future roommates we found where we will be living,” Medina said. “We are all so excited for next year and we can’t wait to move in.”


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