Meet the Flapjack staff

Arthur Andrew is a JMC 120 online student for fall semester 2016.

Sean Bendon, 21, is a junior transfer from Southern California. He enjoys writing and recording music, going to the river and getting the scoop on upcoming stories. Coming from the San Diego area, Bendon is working to make an impact in the budding Arcata music scene and write all about it. He plans to move to New York City upon graduation and see where it takes him. His journalism focuses around music and radio production, something he highlights twice a week on his KRFH show The Fridge, broadcast on Mondays at 10-11 a.m. and Wednesdays from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Bendon is planning to find a position in one of the major publications on campus, while also working to keep up to date on his personal blog.

Kelly Bessem, 24, is a senior geography major with minors in water policy and journalism. She transferred to HSU to pursue the career goal of helping the natural environment. Before that she was a fully online student who traveled the U.S., Europe, and Central America seeking new experiences and understandings. For now Arcata feels very much like home, and in her free time she loves hiking and exploring the area. After residing in the College Creek dorms for three semesters, she is now experimenting with living out of only a locker and a backpack. In light of her interest in the environment and waste reduction, she currently works as the ROSE (Reusable Office Supply Exchange) Director for WRRAP on campus. She would like everyone to remember that small changes can have a huge impact on the world and anything positive you do does matter!

Morgan Brizee, 21, is a junior journalism student who enjoys traveling and writing about the people and places she sees along her way. She grew up in Dublin, Calif., where she graduated from Dublin High School and then went to Las Positas Community College in Livermore, Calif., where she was a staff writer on The Express Newspaper. In fall 2016, she transferred to Humboldt State. She is interested in news, travel and photography journalism. Her favorite things to photograph are beaches and animals She usually practices taking photos on her two cockapoo dogs when she is at home. She would like to work for a magazine like National Geographic where she can travel while writing and taking photographs. Her favorite place that she has traveled to has been Cairns, Australia, where she went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Her favorite thing to do in Humboldt is to hike in the Community Forest behind Humboldt State.

Vicente Colacion is a Lake County transplant residing in Arcata, California. He is a junior at Humboldt State University that is studying journalism. His life ambition is to become the personal assistant of Ira Glass. Originally born in San Francisco, he has lived in cities spread across all of Northern and Southern California. The first newspaper that he ever loved was The San Francisco Chronicle. His interests include Chicano culture, punk rock, silkscreening, poetry and improv comedy. He has a kitten, a very shitty fixed-gear bike and not enough free time.

Aaron Dhuyvetter is a JMC 120 online student in the fall semester 2016.

Bryan Donoghue, 20, is a sophomore with an initial aspiration to become a zoologist until his interests evolved to make him a journalism major. His love of nature is what drove him to become a zoologist in the first place, but later decided that just watching and writing about animals in their natural environment made him happy. Martial arts have always been a passion of his since he obtained his black belt in Kuk Sool Won at 14, and he continues to tap into different martial art cultures until he can find a style of his own. He also enjoys cooking, exploring and investigating the unknown. Donoghue enjoys writing, and hopes to take his talents to further heights in the future by being a professional journalist with a focus in nature, theatre arts, food, or martial arts.

Belen Flores, 19, is a junior public relations student who enjoys fencing and playing soccer. She is from L.A. and came to Humboldt because she prefers nature rather than the city. She also enjoys writing poetry and thinks it’s one of the best ways to express oneself. She loves volunteering and has worked with many Rotary Clubs back in L.A. and plans on becoming a Rotarian after she graduates. Also when she graduates she wants to move to the east coast for either graduate school or just finding a job. During her free time she enjoys hiking and playing guitar because they are some of the most relaxing activities there is to do.

Priscilla Galindo, 22, a film major at HSU cannot get enough of films and TV shows. Her dream job is to someday work on DC/Marvel shows. Although she loves traveling and has been to several States and Countries her favorite is Greece. Her home will always be San Bernardino, California. On the weekends, if she’s not catching up on her favorite shows, one can find her in a dark room developing photos.

Shalisa Gentle is in her senior year at HSU as a sociology major. She was born and raised in Humboldt County and loves getting out and experiencing all the community has to offer. She loves spending time with her family, which includes her husband, infant son, a Labrador retriever, and an English bulldog. She is a huge board (and card) game enthusiast. She hopes to one day become an academic adviser at one of the local high schools.

Ben Goodale is a third-year journalism major at Humboldt State. He loves exploring the outdoors and feeling the wind on the surface of his skin. One of the most important things to Goodale in this life is music, and the power it holds in altering mood and consciousness. In the future, he hopes to travel the world with little possessions, to spread love to those who may be lacking it in their lives and to empathize with those who are on a similar journey. Favorite hobbies include hammocking, playing video games, and having a stimulating conversation with a fellow human being. He absolutely loves animals and wishes he could have an unhealthy amount of pets. “Well maybe not unhealthy but I wouldn’t mind laying in a crib full of fluffy kittens every so often,” he says. He tried to live his life by this wisdom: “Happiness never decreases from being shared.”

Christine Harris, 20, is a junior at HSU and enjoys reading, watching old films, and going to the beach to seashell hunt. In her spare time she likes to go on crazy adventures with her friends/roommates, and go swimming. She grew up in Anaheim, California (right next to Disneyland) and was raised in both Anaheim and San Clemente, California, before moving to Arcata two years ago. In the future, she wants to do public relations or other marketing work for major makeup companies in Europe, allowing her to fulfill her dreams of traveling.

Lukas Henderson is a 19-year-old recreation administration major looking for a way to merge journalism with adventure tourism or with some aspect of the music industry. He spent most of his high school career playing and performing music around California and is interested in the diverse, and wild world that is the music industry. In his free time he enjoys mountain biking, backpacking, playing music, and attending music related events. He came to Arcata, California, after living in Santa Cruz, California, for the majority of his early life.

Abby Martinez, 23, is a senior year social work student who enjoys road trips and is always looking for a new adventure. She came to Humboldt County from San Ysidro, California. She plans to move back to San Diego County to work with her community and she plans to travel throughout Mexico once she graduates.

Katherine McCall is a JMC 120 online student for fall semester 2016.

Christopher Robert Nolan is a communication major with a minor in journalism and mass communication. He is 22 years old and a New England Native. He came to Humboldt State University after doing two years at a junior college in Franklin, Massachusetts known as Dean. His main goal by going bi-coastal was to absorb as much as he can about the field of communication on the East and West coast to find proper balance in his degree. He is currently taking his last semester’s worth of courses before receiving a bachelors in communication and my minor in Journalism and he couldn’t be more excited. What gets Nolan going is good conversations, photography, surfing, sports media and of course food blogs! He is here to serve and communicate to the best of his abilities!

Diane M. Panuga, 24, is a microbiology student at HSU who enjoys listening to music and playing the piano in addition to running/jogging every morning. She was born in Manila but grew up in San Diego and attended Southwest High School. Although her major is in the biology area, she is taking a journalism class to educate herself about the basics and necessary skills of news reporting. It would really be amazing to be able to write articles/news and research for a Science magazine someday, she says, once she acquires the necessary skills. Panuga attended a community college where she earned an associate degree in biotechnology. She says it would be nice to be able to professionally interview scientists from different biotechnology labs and report the research that they are doing to world. She thinks everyone deserves to know how their research have benefits and can impact lives in a good way.

Cara Peters, 23, is a journalism student at Humboldt State University. She has worn glasses of a heavy prescription since age 14. What she lacks in eyesight, however, she hopes to make up for with vision. She is incredibly imaginative and believes in the power of thinking BIG. Peters hopes to work in public relations someday, but for now, is working on self-love and acceptance. Her personal mantra is, “Treat yourself as you would your daughter.”

Sharrod Richard is a 25-year-old communications major with a minor in journalism. He transferred to HSU from L.A. Southwest Community College in Fall 2014. He went to Arizona State University straight from high school but due to financial instability he chose to go back to a junior college. Football brought Richard here to HSU, but journalism and radio have kept him here. He loves music and to entertain people. He has found a passion in being a radio disc jockey and host. Richard tends to be in a lot of interesting places, events and situations so journalism, in respect to writing and oral communications, fits him well. Quick fun facts about Richard: Football Head, Loves to Skateboard, Music Junky, Loves video games, Loves parties (hint he’s a DJ), and also loves to laugh — so sense of humor is key.

Paxton Wilkinson is a 21-year-old psychology student, who is greatly interested in journalism. She has always found journalism fascinating mostly because she loves writing and it comes naturally to her. Adding the element of being out there in the world, in the midst of an exciting event with a story to tell is absolutely invigorating! Wilkinson loves exploring the beautiful nature and outdoors of Humboldt County, and also greatly enjoys staying inside reading a good book or watching a movie. She has a tremendous love for animals, with have two pets of her own who she spoil to death. Their names are Rango and Nani.


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