Humboldt goes crazy over city wide yard sale in Ferndale

By Shalisa Gentle
Flapjack staff

Everyone loves a good yard sale. It’s like a present day treasure hunt where you spend a fair bit of time and energy searching high and low for something you didn’t know you needed until that very moment, and then you get to haggle on a fair price until you walk away with something you are sure you just got for a steal.

Ferndale might not seem like the holy grail of garage sales, but one weekend a year the whole tiny town opens up to host The Bargain Hunters Weekend.

The cool Saturday morning was perfect for walking up and down Main Street and observing the event unfold.

There is no one organizer of the weekend. It is a community-supported event that takes place the same time each year. This year there were more than 100 participants selling things ranging from old Christmas decorations to antique lamps and coins and a wide variety of things in between. Sherri Quigley, a nurse who works at Open Door in Ferndale, was outside of Humboldt Sweets. She was waiting in line for one of the bakery’s famous cinnamon buns. Quigley has come to the Bargain Hunters Weekend every year.

“Since forever, basically,” she said. “I used to bring my girls and we would make it a family day but they were both busy this year so I came by myself. Always find treasures though.” She displayed her find of a like-new steal chicken feeder she planned to use as a fall decoration.

“I always find good stuff,” Quigley said. “There is a lot of junk but some great prices!”

There was quite the line at Swedish Pancake breakfast that was advertised at the Danish Hall. Jimmy Cookman, a 28-year-old HSU alumnus was waiting with his wife for breakfast.

“I haven’t had their pancakes but people say they’re awesome,” Cookman said. “I have always wanted to come to this thing but this is the first year I have made it down here.”

Looking down Fifth Street, every other home was open for business with tables upon tables of knickknacks and random mismatched furniture. Standing next to an impressive blue bicycle for sale was Cyndi Morgan, a Ferndale resident.

“Every year the weekend gets more and more popular,” Morgan said. “It’s only 11 a.m. and I have already sold a good chunk of my things. It’s great that the community comes together like this because if I were to just have a sale on my own no one from Eureka or Arcata would come. Hell I don’t even know if my neighbors would come!”


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