Humboldt Pride: torn in two

By Belen Flores
Flapjack staff

Humboldt Pride is held every September and it was torn in two this year. Not only did were there marchers but there was also protesters at the end of the parade in Halvorsen Park. One of the most memorable posters read “ Humboldt Pride Is Not Here To Serve The Community Or The LGBTQ+ Liberation (They Are An Over-Aged Prom Committee).”

Neesh Wells, 19, student at HSU appreciated people that had voiced their opinion on how the parade can better improve and make it a safe space for everyone.

“I think it is important to have a safe space like pride in order to come together and celebrate the diversity in the queer community,”Wells said. “I feel as though those protesting should be more mindful of taking that into consideration.”

Although marchers knew about the protest they still kept a joyful outlook on the day they are able to proudly celebrate a community they are part of. Kelsey Young, 22, an Arcata resident, has been to many pride parades but this year was her first year marching in the parade.

“Marching in the parade was so positive,” Young said. “It was such a big turn out and seeing everyone that understand or at least support LGBTQ+ issues was uplifting.”

Once everyone had finished the parade and had made it to Halvorsen Park, people were able to join the festivities. From drag shows to musical performances the event was filled with positives vibes people had come to expect. There was a variety of booths that were available for everyone to see. The Queer Resource Center and the Eric Rofes Multicultural Queer Resource Center from Humboldt State made an appearance in hopes of making people more aware that HSU has many queer resources on campus.

The planning of the parade seemed like a difficult and stressful task to coordinate.
Nicki Viso, Mike Kirakoysan and Sierra Farmer were the organizers of the parade this year. They were able to split up tasks and have a successful event.

“Many hands make light work!” Kirakoysan said. “It was stressful at times though, but the end result was worth the effort.”

CAt the end of the event Viso said she felt really accomplished and had expressed.

“I felt really awesome afterwards, knowing I had a hand in the parade’s success,” Viso said.


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