Humboldt students go clubbing on a weekday

By Cara Peters
Flapjack staff

The Clubs Office of Humboldt State University held the Clubs Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 7. Organizations ranging from the Acro-Yoga Club to the Society of Women Engineers filled the campus quad in an effort to advertise and make new recruits.

Hosted at the beginning of every semester, the fair allows club-leaders to promote their groups, while enabling students to explore HSU campus culture.

Molly Kresl, coordinator for clubs and activities on campus, organized the Clubs Fair and feels strongly about its positive impact on the student-body.

“We host clubs fairs so students can see all the opportunities for involvement and engage with our community,” Kresl explained. “Humboldt is a unique community, far away from where many of our students call home. Clubs often become a second home and connection to this community.”

The Queer Student Union was one of many clubs tabling at the event. Wren Brokema, Queer Community Building Coordinator for the Multi-Cultural Center, represented the QSU table.

“What we really do in the QSU is provide a space for queer people to connect with others like them,” Brokema said“More than anything, we want queer people to feel accepted on campus by giving them a kind and loving support system.”

With 75 organizations present, many found ways to attract and entertain students. The Humboldt Circus Club hosted juggling demonstrations and invited peers to join in. The Marching Lumberjacks formed what is best described as a five-man moshpit, fist-pumping, chanting, and even striking up a brass instrument. Outdoor speakers provided by KRFH blasted early ’90s hip-hop, which helped set the fair’s lively atmosphere.

“It’s fun out here!” said Jack Gates, a 22-year-old critical race and gender studies major. “There’s good music and a lot of friendly people. Plus, it’s a great environment for shy students, because it gives them an excuse to approach tables and meet new people.”

A full list of Humboldt State University clubs and their contact information is here.


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