Trinidad foodie fun features finger foods, wine

By Paxton Wilkinson
Flapjack Chronicle

Peggy Bergeron of Bergeron Winery in Trinidad pours wine at Tastin' Trinidad.
Peggy Bergeron of Bergeron Winery in Trinidad pours wine at Tastin’ Trinidad.

What do you think of when you hear the name Trinidad? Beautiful beaches, national parks, and small town? How about Tastin’ Trinidad? This awesome event has tons of local restaurants, wineries, and breweries out by their stands selling their gourmet food and drinks to the public—for a steal of a deal. Located in the beautiful little town of Trindad it is an amazing opportunity to taste spectacular foods and treats and drink organic wine made from local grapes. Also featuring melt-in-your-mouth blackberry pie with fresh picked fruit from out here in Humboldt County.

Event organizer Ashley Mobley is a local of Humboldt County and executive director of Greater Trinidad Chamber of Commerce. When asked how long she has been conducting this event for, she said this.

“I just joined the Chamber of Commerce in March, so this is my first time doing this event,” Mobley said. “But this year is actually its 10th year anniversary.”

This event costs $20, is open to the public, and welcomes all ages of individuals—including college students.

“There are about 100 people who usually come,” Mobley said. “The age range of people is between 3-70, but I would say the average age of people are between 40-65. But that is changing, because you guys are here and I am a younger member of the team.”

People of all ages gather around to enjoy food & drinks as well as live music at Tastin’ Trinidad.

Mobley said that aside from contacting the local businesses who usually attend this event and following up with them, she is also responsible for promoting the event via press release and social media.

“I tried out using Instagram for my first time to publicize the event, and actually got a new vendor out of it,” Mobley said.

Tastin’ Trinidad made it onto the local newspaper as well as in Lost Coast Outpost’s local event page online. Photos were also posted on Instagram.

Phillip Brenner is a local Arcatian who helps sell wine for Winnet Vineyards in Willow Creek. Brenner said that the owners of the winery could not make it to the event but he was glad to be there representing them and their wine. This stand was one of many that held local organic wine to taste.

Moonstone Grill was giving out their crab-cakes like they were candy. Kevin Johnson is the head chef at restaurant Moonstone Grill.

“Come join us for happy hour at the bar!” Johnson said. “It is every day of the week from 5-6:30.”

Johnson said how he likes coming out to this event to be within the community and get “off the beaten path” of where he resides in Moonstone.



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