HSU Downtown generates excitement from students

By Maddy Harvey
Flapjack staff

ARCATA– A line of eager college students wraps down and around the perimeter of the Minor Theater, despite the rain and wind. When the doors are finally opened, it’s like well organized chaos of everyone scrambling into hopefully get a seat to the advertised free film.

On Wednesday night, the HSU alumni group, Humboldt Forever, continued their ongoing program HSU Downtown with a free showing of “La La Land” at the Minor Theater for current students as a way to get students out and become more integrated with the local community.

The HSU Downtown program began last fall. One of the heads behind it, Stephanie Lane, who is the outreach lead of the HSU alumni association, is optimistic that this will be something that will be something to be continued within the university, especially with the benefit that it comes from funds from the alumni.

“It creates a circle of giving,” said Lane.

This core belief in the community values is not only what makes these events, such as free movies at the theater and dance nights at off campus venues, but it is what keeps them going and receiving positive support from not just the students who say they are “stoked” for these opportunities. With the Minor’s still recent reopening this year, these events have introduced a new group of consumers and fans to their venue, as well as benefiting the local businesses that provide food to the theater, and on top of that the coordination with the police also allows for a safer and more controlled environment not only for the students attending, but for the surrounding community members.

Wednesday night’s event appeared to be the most popular event that they’ve had thus far.Leah Nostrand, a 22-year-old wildlife major, was one of the eager students waiting in the rain just to get in.

“I think it’s great that HSU and the theater are coming together,” she said. “Plus movie prices are too high!”

Isaiah Jefferson, a math major working on his second year here, has had trouble getting out and connecting with the community since he lives on campus and feels a bit separated from everything.

“It’s a good opportunity to meet new people and explore Arcata’s nightlife,” he said.


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