Flea market attracts eclectic crowd

By Monica K. Robinson
Flapjack staff

As you walk into the warehouse the fluorescent lights showcase the magnitude of the space. The aroma of coffee and antiquity overwhelm your senses. As you move deeper into the space you begin to smell the baked goods coming the old trolley serving food and beverages in the back.

 Every month Redwood Acres Fairgrounds hosts the Humboldt Flea Market in the Main Events Building. Located at 3750 Harris Street, Eureka California 95503. The hours run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. with an entry fee of $2. It is Eureka’s largest monthly indoor flea market with over 140 tables of antiques, collectibles, toys, jewelry, clothing and much more. Sponsors include Bear River Casino, Cal Fresh, Humboldt Sponsors, Pepsi, Pierson Building Center, Servpro, Shafers Ace Hardware and Times Standard.

Dayton Griffith is the president of the board for the Humboldt Flea Market. He is a vivacious 74-year-old community member who volunteers at Bayside Elementary. Griffith resides in Bayside California and can be reached at 707-822-5292. He grew up in Logging Camps, Lockport and Cornell, California.  Griffith is a HSU alumni with a Physical Education degree. He spent most of his career coaching high school football.

For years Griffith had his own booth at the flea market until he was approached by a friend to join the board that oversees the operations related to the flea market. Eventually he became president of the board.

Griffith loves his role in the event because of the connection between people and the excitement it brings.

“I just love to see the energy between people,” Griffith said. “It’s so genuine and happy.”

Some rare and unfortunate events have included theft from a seller’s table. The only other mishap he witnessed was a fight over a product desired by two consumers. Griffith intervened.

“I squashed the fire out quickly,” he said.

A 37-year-old artist and resident of Manila, California, Jesse Pearson rented a booth at the flea market in an effort to lighten his load before he relocates to New Mexico. Pearson frequents events such as these for unique materials.

“As an artist that uses a lot of texture, I love coming here to find things that I can use in my work,” Pearson said.

Christopher King, a 30-year-old transplant from Salt Lake City, Utah, recently relocated to Arcata, California. As this is King’s first flea market he is looking to furnish his new apartment with local items that have character. He is seeking a community that he relates to and discovered the event through the North Coast Journal.

“I’ve noticed there is an eclectic crowd here that makes me feel comfortable,” he said.


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