College Creek Council plans events, seeks president

By Blake Maldonado
Flapjack staff

As the clock hit 6:50 p.m. in the Great Hall above the College Creek Marketplace on Feb.7, College Creek Council officers and residents alike gathered to get ready for the College Creek Council Meeting.

Every Tuesday from 7 to 8 p.m. the College Creek Council meets in the Great Hall to discuss and plan future events for the residents of College Creek. The Council consists of a president, a vice president, a RHA representative, a secretary, a treasurer, an advisor, and two community advocates along with any residents that show up.

As Vice President Priscilla Lopez, a 24-year-old biology major, said that the president serves to facilitate the meeting while the vice president ensures that all members present at the meeting are following the constitution. The secretary records every thing said at a meeting and sends it up to RHA and to all people present at the meeting, the RHA representative is in charge of attending the RHA meetings and reporting back to the council, and the treasurer watches over the funding that the council receives.

The meeting commences at 7. As a way to get everyone comfortable with each other, every individual present says a positive and a negative of their week. Afterwards, each of the officers reports on what’s going on to inform the Council and residents present. The RHA Rep reports what was discussed the day before during the RHA meeting.

Concluding the reports was the College Creek Resident Life Coordinator Jessica Carron saying how, due to a loss of officers from both the Campus Apartments Council and the College Creek Council as well as not having a lot of participation from residents, both councils will be piloting a program to merge and combine their funding so that they can meet quorum, being the College Creek Council’s funds have been frozen due to not having a treasurer and president.

To prepare for their first merged meeting, the council spent the rest of the meeting discussing possible events they could collaborate on with the Campus Apartments Council. Some ideas that floated around were having a “Taxes and Tacos” event, where students could learn how to do their taxes while enjoying tacos, and having a “Fling Into Spring” party around the time of spring break.

One primary problem the council is struggling with is the fact that their funds are currently frozen due to not having a full council, also known as quorum, which leaves them in a state of not being able to allocate money for events. They are currently searching to fill the positions of president, secretary and treasurer so that they can continue planning for events.

Music Education Major Marisa Finlayson, 22, who also serves as the Council’s Advisor, described the council’s purpose.

“To organize and plan events that aid in learning capabilities and offer a positive experience for residents,” she said.

Resident Elvira Mendoza, 19-year-old biology major, said that residents should attend meetings to more people and because it is a “cool way to stay active” and involved.


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