Do Si Dos & bitter — Redwood Curtain pairs its beers with Girl Scout cookies

By Matthew Hable
Flapjack staff

Redwood Curtain Brewing Company partnered with Girl Scouts on Friday, Feb. 10 at the tasting room in Arcata — they hosted a cookie and beer pairing event to raise funds for the Arcata chapter of Girl Scouts.

“We, as Redwood Curtain Brewing, purchased and used 23 boxes of cookies for this event,” said Amy Mollberg, administrative manager at Redwood Curtain. The four pairings were decided by various Redwood Curtain staff members.

Alli McCarthy is a bartender at Redwood Curtain.

“I’m in charge of collecting payment and stamping hands tonight,” she said.

The fee for the flight was $10, which ultimately benefitted Girl Scouts of Arcata. After processing payments, McCarthy instructs patrons to get their cookies from the Girl Scouts booth, which was located across the room from her booth.

“My favorite is the Special Bitter and Do Si Dos pairing,” McCarthy said to one patron as she stamped his hand.

Patrons who settled with McCarthy weave through the crowd to get to Elizabeth Fog, one of the coordinators of the event representing Girls Scouts. Fog is assisted by her daughter who is in official Girls Scouts uniform.

“We thought this would be fun way to raise funds for our organization,” said Fog as she checks stamps while her daughter repeatedly hands out trays of cookies to people.

After obtaining a tray of cookies, which also carries a pairing guide, patrons make their last stop at the bar. McCarthy is assisting a bartender with pouring duties as another Redwood Curtain employee collects money for the flight fee. She efficiently fills four 2 oz. glasses of beer per tray.

Per McCarthy’s recommendation, the Special Bitter, a light golden ale with biscuity and nutty aromas, compliments well with the oatmeal and peanut butter flavors of Do Si Dos cookies. Other pairings include:

• Samoas, a chocolate and caramel cookie topped with coconuts, with English Barley Wine

• Thin Mints, a minty wafer with chocolate coating, and Dry Irish Stout on nitro

• Savanah Smiles, a lemon cookie with powdered sugar coating, and Belgian Trippel

A room full of smiling faces, cookies and beer indicated a profitable event.

“I understand the Fogs sold another 48 boxes of cookies, which is right on par with other booths they do, i.e., outside Safeway,” Mullberg said. “All in all, yes, this has been a success for the Girl Scouts,” she said.

Redwood Curtain and Girls Scouts will host another cookie and beer pairing event on Saturday, Feb. 18 at the tasting room.



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