Local metal scene thrives at Eureka bar

By Stephanie McGeary
Flapjack staff

The Siren’s Song Tavern, Eureka, was filled with sweat and excitement on Thursday night, Feb. 9. Fans flocked to the see local and traveling punk and metal bands, proving that this music genre still has a large and lively following in Humboldt County. The night started out with Cross-Contamination, (a local surf-punk band), followed by another local act Drown in Piss (self described as pee-beat, grindviolence). Phrenelith (death metal from Denmark) and Necrot (death metal from Oakland) closed out the night.

The show, hosted by local organizer Liberty Williams, was packed wall to wall with jean and leather-clad attendants, creating a sea of black topped with long or spikey hair and dotted with pins and studs. As the music began, heads started thrashing and a mosh-pit broke out several times throughout the night.

Arcata local and regular concert-goer Peter Stringall, 36, was excited to see such a great turnout.

“There’s a lot of new faces here,” Stringall said. “I grew up here and remember the hardcore metal phase. There used to be a bunch of house shows here three years ago.”

Stringall went on to say that the house show scene has died out a lot and he thinks it’s important to support local music and venues.

“Siren’s has been a staple venue for punk and metal,” Stringall said “They rely on our support.”

The highlight of the evening was co-headlining band Necrot. Based out of Oakland, Calif., Necrot is on a West Coast tour, in anticipation of their new album, to be released this summer. The band members would not disclose any information about the new album, or even its title. According to guitarist, Sonny Reindhart: “It’s top secret.”

Necrot has so far played shows in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz and San Jose on this tour, continuing to Portland, Ore., followed by Vancouver, B.C. Bassist and lead vocalist, Luca Indrio, said they like stopping in Eureka/ Arcata when touring the West Coast.

“It’s different to be up here as compared to Oakland, where we have our own crowd,” said Indrio. But he was impressed with the turnout of this show and credited the organizers for doing a good job promoting and being really accommodating.

Necrot drummer, Chad Gailey, agreed that he enjoys playing in the Eureka/ Arcata area.

“It’s really cool to play up here again,” Gailey said. “The people are really nice.”



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