Philthy Rich brings Bay Area rap to Eureka

By Jacob George
Flapjack staff

On a recent Friday night, Fifth Street in Eureka was an epicenter for Humboldt County youth who needed a fix of their Bay Area roots, and rap fans in general. Rap fans of all ages, but predominately young, presumably college and high school students, packed into the small venue to listen to the rapper from east Oakland put on the first show of his “Hood Rich” tour. Many people attending the event came to get a taste of back home, in the Bay Area, where they miss the gritty, unique music scene especially.

“They don’t ever play this stuff up here, ya know, not even at the parties or anything,” says 19-year-old Anita Ramirez, a student at Humboldt State. “I knew it’d be turnt cause it’s a Bay Area artist it always is.”

This seemed to be a common theme for a majority of the people there.

The crowd was small for the opening acts which started around 8, including fellow Oakland native Young Chop. The later it got, the denser the crowd, eventually leading to a decent turn out by 9 o’clock when Philthy Rich took the stage. He performed with his entourage for well over an hour, keeping the crowd hyped playing his hits “One Mob” and “Make a Living”.

By 10 the music and the crowd were at their peak, there was bumping and shoving and plenty of smoke in the air, despite the security guard, Antonio Baker’s answer to if it was a no smoking event.

“It’s supposed to be, it’s all ages,” he said.

The show ended on time around 11, without any major issues or conflicts among the crowd who all seemed to enjoy the concert.

“It was the closest thing to San Jose I’m gonna get here,” says 18-year-old rap fan and San Jose native Israel Suarez.  “I always try to see rappers from back home when they come up here. It’s the only thing worth my money.”


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