Samoas and Stouts: Drinking for the Girl Scouts

By Noel DiBenedetto
Flapjack staff

Parents and kids packed The Redwood Curtain Brewing Company recently for an event that featured a Girl Scout cookie and beer pairing to benefit Girl Scout Troop 10622 in Arcata. For just $10, cookie lovers got two cookies of each of the four chosen flavors, and four mini glasses of beer to go with them.

The cookies came served on a tray with a picture of each beer and cookie pair, and a description as to how the flavors of the cookie went with the flavors of each beer. The pairs included Samoas with an English Barley Wine, Do Si Dos with a Special Bitter, Savannah Smiles with a Belgian Trippel, and Thin Mints with a Dry Irish Stout.

Event coordinator, Elizabeth Fogg, said that this was their first time organizing an event like this, and she was very happy with the large turnout.

“We got the idea from a friend actually,” she said. “We saw that she did it with her troop on Facebook, and we just thought that it would be such a fun idea.”

Fogg was with her 10 year-old daughter, Violet, who is a member of the girl scout troop. Violet said that she was excited to be there, and was very happy that everyone was having fun. Redwood Curtain offers a variety of board games for customers to enjoy, which was an added bonus for the parents who brought their children with them. It was a win-win situation: kids got cookies and games, while parents got to sample beer.

One Girl Scout cookie enthusiast, Fabiola Sahagun, said that this was her first time coming to Redwood Curtain, and that she had heard about the event through a friend.

“Who doesn’t love beer and Girl Scout cookies?” she said. “My favorite pair is definitely the Samoa with the English Barley Wheat, it’s so good and makes the Samoa so sweet.”

Sahagun, a 23 year-old student at HSU, also appreciated how dog-friendly the place was.


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