Students weigh in on the Depot

By Cody Centeno
Flapjack staff

At 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 9, business was booming at the Depot. Students chattering, the smell of good food, and smiling faces are the main things that you will see at this hour. Lunch time here is like rush hour traffic, students weaving and bobbing to get to their afternoon snack.

What do the customers here really enjoy about The Depot? Where do they think that it could be improved? These might be questions that some have asked in the past. Luckily, some friendly customers have the answers to these questions (or at least a few of them).

Yuliana Barreto, who is a 22-year old wildlife major, says that her favorite thing about the Depot is their beer.

“Either Lagunitas or Steelhead with some limes from the burrito place,” Barreto said.

Yuliana also had some good opinions for what they could improve on.

“I would like for them to offer butternut squash ravioli without cinnamon sauce,” she said.

She noted that it seemed  strange raviolis are served without an option for red sauce.

Karla Amaya, 21-year old biology major here at Humboldt State also weighed in on the topic, saying that she likes Salsa City, the Mexican food spot in the Depot.

“I like to eat food from Salsa City, mainly just the rice, guacamole, cilantro and lettuce,” Amaya said.

Amaya’s choice for improvement was more about her wallet than her pallet.

“It can get pricey though,” she said. “I guess lower prices would be the thing that I would improve, too.”

Business Management major Sulaina Banks, 22,  said her favorite is the sandwiches.

“My favorite thing here at the Depot is the sandwich bar,” Banks said, sandwich in hand. “And my favorite kind of sandwich is a roast beef sandwich on sourdough bread.”

Sulaina also feels that the Depot should start using real fruit at the smoothie bar.

“They need to bring back the fresh fruit!” she said. “The fact that they quit using fresh fruit is the reason why I don’t buy smoothies there anymore.”



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