Clothing swap enhances wardrobes

By Alexis Parra
Flapjack staff

This past Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday was one of Humboldt State University’s Clothing Swaps. The clothing swap happens four times a years, twice every semester, usually at the beginning and end of every semester. This time around it was located in the Karshner Lounge during the afternoon. The point of this clothing swap is to trade in clothes you don’t want and you get the chance you look around and take stuff that you do want. Anything from accessories to clothes can be found at a clothing swap.

 Jennie Hernandez, 19, from Fillmore, California, enjoys going the clothing swaps.

“Clothing swaps are fun,” she says.  You get to meet new people and the chance to snag some free clothes, not to mention it is good for the environment.”

At Hernandez’s first clothing swap she scored three pairs of leggings, a cardigan, and a long-sleeve shirt. She hopes to continue going to clothing swaps as long as she is here at Humboldt State.

“I was going to the bookstore and I saw a bunch of people by the Kate Buchanan Room and went to go ask what was going on. Next thing you know I made a dollar donation to go look at clothes that were pretty much free,” shares 18-year-old Jayrlin Molina.

Jayrlin Molina is a forestry major and freshman at Humboldt State who scored some workout shoes at the clothing swap. Even though she stumbled into her first clothing swap on accident she would definitely go to another one. Her second time around she hopes to be informed early enough to where she can search through her closet and actually swap some clothes she no longer cares for.

Gladis Nerri-Frausto, 19, Central-Valley native and Humboldt State freshman has never been to a clothing swap so far, but would definitely like to attend.

“I always heard about the clothing swaps, but never had time. I would definitely like to clean out my closet while also filling it with some things that would be knew to me,” she says.


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