Community meeting informs residents of Tan Oak Hall

By Jasmin Ward
Flapjack staff

Free croissant sandwiches, sweets, and a variety of drinks were available to the Tan Oak residents on Friday afternoon. The first floor community room held approximately thirty students with a majority being freshmen. Topics ranging from dorm living, to personal hygiene were addressed by the three council advisors living on each floor.  

The building is three levels consisting of girls being on the first and third floor while boys live on the second floor. Those that attended where given the opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions while agreeing to ways to all make the dorms a cleaner place.  

“I showed up a little late, but I am glad I went,” said first-year student Michelle Pappas. “It was like a normal meeting. We are like a family. We all agreed upon what to do if one of us are being too loud.”

Tips and advice were written on the main white board in the community room and is to remain there the entire weekend. Most of the girls agreed upon the same problem of keeping the bathrooms cleaner while the guys had very little problems. Most of the girls agreed the guys love to blast their music in the evening and as long as it is turned down by 10pm it is not an issue.

“We all are trying to respect each other,” Pappas said.

Some students did not attend due to being in class or attending to various other school priorities.

“I was so busy studying I forgot all about it,” third floor resident Maria Angelica Garcia said.

It lasted about 90 minutes before the students were ready to take snacks to-go and enjoy their Friday night. Only a few students stayed behind to assist the CAs in cleaning. According to CA Jasmine Garcia- Medrano, 22, who is a junior here at Humboldt, the event was a success.

“I am glad a lot of people came and we all got to meet each other,” Medrano said. “There are a lot of people with strong personalities and I tried my best to include them throughout the meeting. It is tough sometimes. I know I have a lot of leadership qualities in me, but I just need to show everyone that I am here for them no matter what.”


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