HSU hosts Superbowl party

By Izzi Beer
Flapjack staff

The Superbowl is an event in memory emphasized with the taste of salty pretzels, yelling (often times punctuated by splashes of liquid), and general confusion. This year was no exception. The game itself was riddled with its share of stressful plays and nail-biting calls, the New England Patriots ultimately emerging victorious. Across the country there were myriad viewing parties, and here at Humboldt State University, many students congregated at the bottom of the college’s Jolly Green Giant Commons to watch the game. It seemed that, while the game itself attracted many viewers, there were also alternative reasons to attend the party.    

Twenty-year-old HSU sophomore, Kristen Tarsala mentioned that food provided and the halftime show drew crowds as well.

“I think a lot of people came to get the food that is being served here for free. I live off campus, and drove over with a few friends just to get dinner and watch,” she said. “Also the Half-Time show this year is Lady Gaga. She’s great. My roommate only came to see her.”

This was a sentiment echoed by many who attended. In fact, most of the students who were watching mentioned that they were pretty impartial when it came to the individual teams. Ines Morale, 19, a freshman child development major referenced the fact that she would usually watch the game with her family.

“Since being here at school, there are few things that I can do with my family,” she said. “I kinda feel like being here is like watching it with them. Like I’m texting my mom about the score and stuff.”

When asked about her devotion to any individual teams, she laughed and said that she instead watches for the commercials.

“This year especially, the commercials are pretty politically charged and it makes me feel better when big corporations add their narrative,” she said.

As she spoke, the commercial for 84 Lumber came on and when it was finished she pointed out just how poignant these brief commercials were. “Like the immigration ban was just disapproved by that one judge and now I feel like everyone is showing solidarity with them,” Morales said. “I’m Latina so seeing this ad about Mexican families is really inspiring.”

Soon the halftime show began to a start and Lady Gaga’s performance entranced all who watched.

HSU Freshman Rush Wirtz – who’d just entered as she began her routine – noted the lack of obvious politicism.

“Last year Beyonce performed and was like blatantly paying homage to Malcolm X and criticizing police brutality,” Wirtz said. “And this year Lady Gaga is like singing about LGBT rights and love. Actually, I kinda like that. Like we are getting a brief break from all the scary stuff in the world and just watching some lady flip around in the air.”

Soon, the game drew to a close, and everyone began to file out of the building.

“That was certainly different than watching it at home with my family, but I didn’t mind it,” Morales said. “I guess I just have to adapt.”


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