Students kick off Black History Month

By Uche Anusiem
Flapjack staff

As most of us know, the month of February is also known as Black History Month. It is usually during this month where the United States takes time in to bring light and awareness to the accomplishments and also sufferings that African Americans had to endure here in the United States. There are always different types of events going on during Black History Month. And it is the same for Humboldt State University, where they started off the month with hosting and celebrating its second annual “Black Liberation Month Kick-Off” event.

The event covers a series of different things regarding African American history and offers words of motivation and encouragement. This event was held at Humboldt State University inside the Kate Buchanan room on Feb. 1.

Many people attended the kick-off of Black Liberation month. They also hosted raffles where people won different items such as some “Black Lives Matter” bracelets and shirts showing different iconic figures in the Unites States and black history such as Martin Luther King Jr. Also at the event people were able to network and meet new people, the event provided food, music and drinks.
HSU sociology major Ketly Sylia, 19, who is a intercultural intersectionality specialist described the purpose of their event.

“To raise awareness that black history is not necessarily a thing in the past because it is still ongoing,” Sylia said.”
Another individual that was interviewed from the event was HSU marketing major Sydney Broussard, 20, who also holds the position of Operational Hospitality. When asked about the purpose of this event her answer was simple, “To know your history.”

Soon after the event the main person in charge of this whole event was able to answer a few questions.HSU director of the cultural centers for academic excellence, Dr. Corliss Bennett, UC Riverside alumni, was very passionate about the success of students, particularly African American and minority groups. She even told the story of back when one of former counselors from high school doubted her, and she took it too heart. She also gave us some background knowledge saying, “I’m half Crenshaw, half Slauson and I’m first generation college student.”

There were many other points she made, but she concluded saying there will more events through out this month.
Stay tuned!


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