HSU’s Superbowl party features corn dogs

By Nicholas Vasquez
Flapjack staff

Humboldt State University throws a Super Bowl party in the bottom of Jolly Giant Commons (or the J) annually.  There was an abundance of free food and drinks supplied, with plenty of couch space to sit and enjoy the game.

The game was one for the books, and freshman business major Zachary McCormick was pleased with the outcome.

“I really enjoyed watching the game at the bottom of the J,” he said.  “The food was excellent, and the fact that the Patriots won just makes it even better.”

Other fans were not as pleased as McCormick with the Patriots overtime victory, as freshman kinesiology major Jaye Washington was distraught after the game.

“I am just very disappointed in the Falcons,” he said.  “But the taste of the free corn dogs down here definitely helps out with my sorrows right now.”

There was a great amount of corn dogs, and pretty much every soda that one could imagine.  They also provided ice water and iced tea as healthier options, and if these items were not satisfying enough, the Giant’s Cupboard was in the end of the room, so students could purchase snacks with their identification cards.

Freshman kinesiology major Parker Irusta was pleasantly surprised by the party.

“I was skeptical about a Super Bowl party ran by the school,” he said.  “But they did a really good job.  The food was great, and the Chub (Giant’s Cupboard) was right there so it was very convenient for me.  Overall it was a great environment to watch the game.”

This Super Bowl was historic, as it was the first in history to go into overtime.  The Patriots won by a score of 34-28, which capped off a 25-point comeback.


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