The Gatehouse Well draws crowds to Gallagher’s Pub

By Alex Cabrera
Flapjack Staff

Families and townspeople of Eureka California had the opportunity to gather at Gallagher’s Irish Pub and Restaurant to listen to the music of The Gatehouse Well over a cold brew or a hot cup of soup Thursday Feb. 9. The group has come together with the restaurant staff to include their musical blend of folk, Celtic, pop, and bluegrass style of music on the second Tuesday of every month for the public to enjoy. Darrah Zwiefelhofer, a waitress at Gallagher’s, has been scheduled on past evenings the band has played and claims the live music of the band draws a crowd to the pub. The musical talent of The Gatehouse Well draws the largest crowd out of the line of live bands that perform at the pub.

“I noticed there aren’t as many bands that perform [here] that have as many fans,” Zwiefelhofer said.

Michael Dayvid, Dominic Romano, and Evan Morden have been performing at the Gallagher’s for the past four months playing the guitar, ukulele, fiddle, and the Irish tin whistle to entertain the customers with a mix of trending pop songs and some incredibly preformed originally written music by the trio. Dayvid, on the guitar and vocals enjoys playing at the pub because of the close interactions he has with the audience and his music. While speaking with Michael, he spoke of an encounter he once had with a fan.

“When a fan approaches you tearing up and begins to tell you how the song you played has such a sentimental meaning to [her], you share in their happiness for the moment while they reminisce”, says Dayvid.

Gathering family and friends together to enjoy the musical ensemble perform at Gallagher’s is a fantastic way to spend a Thursday evening. The trio promotes their upcoming events and new music from their facebook page. When looking at their page, you can find a calendar with a list of their upcoming events, band updates, photos, videos and band updates.


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