Taking the open mic at Blondies


Photo by Jontelle Cabral
Photo by Jontelle Cabral

By Jontelle Cabral
Flapjack staff

On Thursday, Feb. 9, Blondies Food & Drink in Arcata hosted an open mic night. The bar and grill host this event every Thursday from 6:30-10 p.m. or until they close. Sometimes they stay open if the open mic is busy and everyone is getting into it.

They built a stage inside right next to the door and there were plenty of places to sit. The stage was bright with light and easy to see. If the entertainment of the night wasn’t good enough, then the members of the audience had two foosball tables in the back.

The people lined up sitting in front of the stage and to the left patiently to go up on stage. The host of the event, Beth Isabell, loves these Thursday nights and what they have to offer.

“All the kids here are so talented,” she said. “I like to see what all of them have to bring to the table.”

Isabell also preformed that night and kicked off the show by playing Hashpipe by Weezer.

“I love Blondies,” She said. “I like to just kick off the show just in case anyone is feeling nervous, and I try to break them out of their shells.”

People were gathering outside, having a smoke while others were inside and watching each performer go up. Some even had entertainment with his or her food. Blondies is a family friendly place that serves fresh food and notable breakfast sandwiches.

Journalism major at HSU Race Blackwell, 23, lives up the street from Blondies, so it was convenient for him to get some food and enjoy the show.

While she made some food for a costumer, Jade Reano, 22, a student at HSU and an “everything girl” at Blondies, talked about what it is really like to work there. Originally From the Bay area, Reano was used to the heavy business that Blondies brought in.

“The roles here are hard, we have to do almost everything,” she said. “We need to put together a stage and take it down the next day and rearrange while keeping this place clean and make all the food and pour all of the beer!”

Reano finished making a pastrami sandwich.

“Open Mic nights are very fun,” Reano said. “My favorite part would have to be the crowd coming together and being super supportive to whomever is up on that stage.”



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