Wind, waves and tides — weather event informs outdoor enthusiasts

Students Gabrielle Smith (left) and Javier Puoido (right) pose with the Instructor Anthony Wiese (center right) after the weather talk.

By Garrett Goodnight
Flapjack staff

Weather in the Pacific Northwest can often be tricky to manage. If you are along the coastal region dense fog, heavy rain, and strong winds might affect your day. Whether or not you are traveling, hiking, or just going about your day, it is important to be prepared.

Event organizer Anthony Wiese, sailing and wind surfing instructor, organized a Weather Wise talk at HSU to educate people about environmental patterns in the area. During a recent talk, Wiese made sure to tailor the lesson directly to the audiences interests in the outdoor setting.

Most of the audience was interested in hiking and days at the beach.

“Not only is it safe to be aware of cloud coverage, but you should also be aware of the local waves and tides,” Wiese said.

Wiese explained the danger and beauty of how tides function. He handed out, “High & Low Tides 2017 Manuals” and demonstrated how to use them, while sharing a story.

“One time I was sailing by the Ventura area, and at dawn I noticed that the sky was red,” Weise said. “At night time I noticed that a storm arrived and it actually began raining. The saying says it all, Red sky at morning, sailors warning; red sky at night, sailors delight!”

After wrapping up the event, Weise discussed how he really enjoys events like these and that he hopes to hold more in the future.

“This is actually my first time teaching the event,” Weise said. “I really like free informative events because there are so many networking opportunities students receive while attending events like these, it’s a great opportunity to create new experiences!”

Junior HSU student, Javier Puoido, 22, said how helpful free informative classes are at this college. In his free time, Puoido enjoys rowing, hiking, and backpacking. He came to this event to learn about the area, because he has not had the time to explore the county.

“I love the school and how easy it is to talk to people on this campus,” Puoido said. “I often find it really easy to talk with any club member too. I’m really interested in the scuba certificate and sailing class at HSU.”

Freshman HSU student, Gabrielle Smith, 19, really enjoyed the teachers humor and ability to tailor to the student’s needs. Smith said that she feels like more students should take advantage of free events like these.

“I often enjoy hiking, rock climbing, and back packing,” Smith said. “Very informative events like these are great. I learned a lot about the moon, sun, rain, and ocean.”



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