For Falcons fans, excitement turns to despair at a small-town Georgia party

By Denne Dickson
Flapjack staff

The small town of Conyers, Georgia, 20 miles southeast of Atlanta, was nearly shut down by 6 p.m. on Superbowl Sunday.

An hour earlier, grocery stores were packed with people buying though rarely anyone was working. Shoppers ran around stores like headless chickens. Conversations about the “bowl” happening on every aisle.

“This year we’re taking the troph,” one shopper said.

“Patriots don’t stand a chance,” another replied.

At the local gas station, Chevron promoted the game on every screen at every tank. The cashiers wore Falcons gear from hats to shirts. Cars sported Falcons flags on the front and rear ends of the vehicles. Every radio station seem to be promoting the screenings of the game. 

Several families were in their yards grilling and preparing for Superbowl. At one home, a Superbowl party was overseen by 36-year-old Lina Williams.

Williams wore a Falcons shirt and drank from a Falcons mug.

“Who are you rooting for?” she asked newcomers.

One visitor stated he was backing the New England Patriots and that cracked Williams’ smile.

“Are you willing to put some money on that?” she asked.

Inside a large flat screen television was tuned to the game. A spacious couch and several chairs surrounded the television. A large grill featured several foods cooking. A variety of beverages were on hand.

Reaching the end of the first quarter Falcon fans were hyped, jumping up and down, taking shot after shot of alcohol.

“Man that’s luck, it won’t last too long,” said 53-year-old Kenny Lewis.

By the top of the fourth quarter, Tahita Saleem is calling Lewis out on his earlier statement.

“Huh, what was that you said, Kenney?” she asked. “Do you have my money in cash or do I need to ride with you to the bank?”

Approaching the end of the game, Falcon fans had become silent, anxious to find out how the game would end.

“The game was rigged,” shouted 38-year-old Anissa Saleem as the game ended.

Falcon fans  agreed, walking away from the TV abruptly.  

The Falcons are the underdogs,” said 20-year-old David Chappelle. “They have both a good pass game and good rush game offensively and, as for their defense, their secondary is very shaky and iffy. But they have a very good pass rush and it is understandable how Tom Brady made a comeback. They don’t have enough experience to keep up for a long intense game.” 

The party organizer despaired at the outcome.

“The Superbowl is about profit,” Williams said. “We Georgians spent all this money for a game that was rigged. We’ll wake up tomorrow and get right back to slavery, making up for all that we’ve wasted today.”


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