At Humboldt, some students express confidence in Trump

By Dominique Sinatra
Flapjack Staff

It has been three months’ post-election and the new American President is Donald Trump. The nation and worldwide continue to discuss this controversy and question his actions. There is a wide scope for what he is or isn’t qualified for. It is clear that the millennial generation is one of the largest opinionated groups on the future of our country.

According to Nicholas Ash, 24, business administration student, has mixed views on Trump. He expresses that Trump takes action and takes stances that are hard to follow. He is constantly changing his objectives and the people are confused.

“Trump’s presidency has been unclear and spontaneous, many of his executive decisions contradict his public actions,” says Ash.

Jessica Mendina, 26, wildlife biology student, also thinks that it is scary the changes he is making and the questionable people he is bringing into office to represent America.

But Lauren Snyder, 22, political science student, think others have been over reacting.

“People were given days off from school, counseling, and other support groups to get through this difficult time,” says Snyder.

Snyder believes that nothing is accomplished by saying horrible things about the president. She also recollects when horrible things were said about President Obama, and years later everyone loved him.

Ryanne Bailey, 22, recreation administration student, also has a similar opinion to the promise that Trump could bring. “I don’t agree with every single thing he has done,” Bailey said. “But I do have faith in him.”

As for the last few months many things have happened and people are still unclear of what is the future of America. Trump has been criticized for many of his actions and executive actions that he has acted upon. Many are also still surprised by the win that was taken to office.

“I believe that Donald Trump is inexperienced politically,” says Ash. Mendina also has the opinion of America heading backwards in the terms of individuality and security. She however does believe in his expertise when it comes to economic affairs.

“I am hopeful that Trump will use his business expertise to improve our economy, says Snyder. “I wanted Trump to win, but I think he is unqualified.”

Snyder also believes that his actions for wanting to build a wall on the Mexican border aren“improbable and makes him look dumb for even saying it.”

Snyder hopes that Trump eventually learns from his past mistakes and can move towards a smooth term. In return the American people might to find confidence in his works.

There is no doubt that when it comes to running an entire country Trump is not qualified to do so. He does however have expanded knowledge in things related to the economy. This is something that he does excel at and people have to think about. One can only hope that he turns to other officials when dealing with foreign affairs.

“He is bringing Big Companies back into America, rather than having them located in other countries,” says Bailey.

According to Sarah Wood, 24, environmental protection student is very concerned about his actions towards the government and the sustainability of his actions. “He might be creating more jobs for the short term, but they will soon be gone once the natural resources are used up,” says Wood.

While this could be extreme, one can only hope that President Trump will not exhaust American resources to the point of exhaustion. There has to be some kind of compromise for him realizing that resources are scarce and we are in a time that global warming is prevalent.

Marketing specialist Moneesha Gill, 30, also feels the hesitation and skepticism that most have about Trump winning the election.  She does not see any positive changes coming out of the end results. This includes immigration as it has affected a large majority of people.

“Millions of minorities have unjustly suffered the backlash of his decisions (i.e. travel ban),” says Gill.

Cierra Wilbur, 23, also an environmental protection student takes a strong stance against his actions. She recalls her mother working in low income South Sacramento in the schools. She says that because of his actions there are deportation agents patrolling local neighborhoods. This is stopping parents from taking their children to school because they are simply scared to leave their home.

Bailey on the other hand recalls Obama setting records on how many illegal immigrants he deported while in office.

“No one wants to talk about that,” says Bailey. “Everyone wants to slam Trump for simply following Obama’s footprints.”