Flapjack staff BR Class Spring 2017

I’m Alyssa Anaya, a 19-year-old first year sociology major at HSU. I’m from Farmersville, California, an extremely small town in the central valley. I used to live an hour away from the Sequoias and now I live in the Redwoods. I have a major interest in photography and I love being able to capture all of the beautiful places and people I get to see. I’m in love with hiking and being surrounded by trees, water, animals, and all things of nature. I try to stay involved and have a huge passion for civil and environmental rights. If I’m not outside then I’m probably reading or drawing or listening to music. I hope to get to travel all over and experience/appreciate different cultures all over!

Hello, my name is Uche Anusiem I am 21 years old, and recently transferred to Humboldt State University this semester. I recently transferred from Cerritos Community College located in southern California, during my time there I majored in business and played football. But when enrolled into HSU I decided to switch my major to journalism with public relations emphasis and minor in marketing. Though I met a lot of new people at Cerritos, I knew not to get comfortable being at the junior college. I grew up with four siblings but in total it is five of us, I have three sisters and one brother. My parents’ names are Moses and Blessing Anusiem. I don’t really have free time like I used too, but some of my hobbies are playing video games and hanging out with friends. I am looking forward to learning and seeing all the cool things journalism has to offer.

Hector Arzate, 21, is a junior in criminology & justice studies with a minor in journalism. He is from Richmond, California in the East San Francisco Bay Area and always reps the Oakland Athletics and the Golden State Warriors. Originally arriving at Humboldt State University as an undeclared major, he found his passion for criminal justice reform and community service as a volunteer with the Juvenile Hall Recreation Program through the Youth Educational Services. He later rediscovered his love for reading and writing as a contributor for the campus bilingual newspaper, El Leñador. He hopes to someday work in the criminal justice system or at a nonprofit, as a writer for the New Yorker or the Atlantic, and as a power forward for the Golden State Warriors. He currently works at the Latinx Center for Academic Excellence, the Youth Educational Services, and as the opinion editor of El Leñador.

My name is Izzi Beer and I’m a freshman journalism student at Humboldt State University. Originally from the East Bay Area, I plan on finishing up school here at Humboldt before going to grad school. This year is my first taking journalism classes, but I thoroughly enjoy it and learning how to properly analyze the news and how to write it. I love dogs of all kind, Isabel Allende novels, ’70s disco music, homemade pasta, botanical gardens, and Barefoot Contessa. I’m really looking forward to contributing to the Flapjack this semester and hopefully you will enjoy my pieces!

Hello, my name is Jontelle Cabral, and I am currently a student at HSU. I am intending to stay at HSU all four years because I have fallen in love with this place. Majoring in communications with a minor in journalism, my ultimate goal is to make it on the news as an anchor one day. The social and climate change came as a shock considering I am from Calabasas. Since it is just so different, whenever I have the chance I will walk anywhere I can and soak up the new environment. Catch me always at the beach or in the forest!

Alex Cabrera, 20, came to Humboldt State University in the fall of 2015 as a freshman, after graduating from high school in his hometown of Santa Clarita, California. Currently in his fourth semester at the university, he pursues journalism studies as he aspires to become an automotive photojournalist.

David Crowfield transferred from Cerritos College as communications major, with an end goal of becoming a speech pathologist. He also is minoring in social advocacy and journalism. Coming from Cerritos as an student athlete, David decided to follow his dreams and continue to run track at HSU. David‘s hobbies consist of listening to music, cooking, playing video games with friends and exercising. What made David interested in journalism is the current age of social media that we are in now.

Andrea Curiel is a 19 year old journalism student at HSU. Born and raised in Southern California, she decided to attend HSU in search of new adventures in a new environment. Growing up surrounded by palm trees and 90-degree heat, she has found the redwoods and perpetual rain and gloom a pleasing change. Andrea is a lover of music, technology, mangos, and cats. She spends her time watching tech unboxing videos, playing with editing software, listening to music, and screaming over pictures of her cat as well as any other cat she sees. With the endless possibilities that the future holds, Andrea is aware that it takes both dedication and passion to make her dreams become a reality. She hopes to one day be involved with the entertainment industry, whether that be behind the scenes or in front of the camera she does not yet know for sure.

Hello! My name is Sally Gammie, I’m a marine biology major at Humboldt State with a minor in journalism. My hope is to one day be able to combine my love for writing and exploring with my love for the ocean and turn that into a career. I’m from Tulsa Oklahoma, born and raised. Maybe being from a landlocked state is what made me want to be around the ocean so much. At any rate, I’m here among the coastal redwoods now and loving every minute of it.

I’m Jacob George, a first year journalism major at Humboldt State from Sacramento California. I decided to come to Humboldt after a road trip here with my friends exposed me to the beautiful nature and colder weather. I am interested in sports writing and broadcasting and hope to eventually find a career in the sports media field in the future. In my free time I like playing football, basketball, watching TV, and going on Twitter.

Maddy Harvey is a 21-year-old junior at Humboldt State who is studying film with a minor in journalism. While she is still figuring out what exactly it is she wants to focus on in her life, she is really interested in someday pursuing a career as a documentarian.

Skye Kimya, 18, is an aspiring sports reporter born in Salem, Oregon and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is a small town girl with a big city heart who decided to attend Humboldt State University to study Journalism. Skye enjoys writing, traveling, playing soccer, and dancing. She is an outgoing, high-spirited young lady who always stays positive and loves to meet new people. Skye loves animals! She hopes to get a dog when she is living off campus for her sophomore year. Although Humboldt State was not Skye’s first choice, she is making this experience the best she can possibly make it while enjoying everything the journalism department has to offer.

Robbie Ippolito is a 19-year-old undergrad from San Mateo, California. He spends most of his free time playing the drums, hiking, petting dogs, and making art. He moved to Humboldt to be closer to the Redwood forest and to get away from traffic, but he still remains faithful to his beloved Bay Area sports teams (Go Giants/Warriors!). One day, Robbie would like to work for a non-profit organization that promotes education and social justice. His goals as a journalist include celebrating different cultures and the natural world, as well as spreading the word about what a cool place Humboldt is.

Blake Maldonado, 19, was born in Sacramento, California and now studies Psychology at Humboldt State University to one day become an FBI Special Agent. He values his family and makes a point to stay in touch with even his cousins who he has grown up with. He enjoys watching TV shows such as Quantico, Agents of SHIELD, Notorious, and Designated Survivor. Some of his hobbies include going to the gym, doing yoga, going rock wall climbing, and reading a book that is not a textbook when he has time. Blake is interested in Journalism because it is a way to capture events in time and allow future generations to have a glimpse into the past. He follows news and media related to international affairs and political conflicts. He is passionate about the truth and seeks to incorporate that into his reporting experiences. Blake Maldonado at the end of the day is just an ordinary guy trying to make a difference in the world.

Dajonea Robinson, 20, is a junior at Humboldt State University. She initially came in as a wildlife major and stayed with the major for her first two years. However, she wasn’t passionate about the major as she would’ve liked. Fall semester of 2016 she became a journalism major and loves it so far. Unfortunately she didn’t start the major with prior experiences however, that hasn’t stopped her whatsoever. She loves to write short stories and poems and hopes to someday write for people whose voices are silenced. She aspires to tell their story to those who are willing to listen.

Lauren Shea 22, is from Vista, California in North County San Diego. She is a transfer student from MiraCosta Community College in Oceanside, California where she received her A.A. Degree in Liberal Arts in Arts and Humanities in May 2016. She was born and raised in Vista up until last year when she moved up to Humboldt County. She is a junior studying Journalism. After college, she plans to work doing freelance photography, environmental photojournalism and work in graphic design. She hopes one day her career will lead her to work for National Geographic and also shoot music photography. Over the last few years, she has learned much about the world’s changing climate and hopes to write and encourage people to care more about the planet. She enjoys listening to music and attending concerts and live music shows. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, photography and traveling.

Kyra Skylark is a freshman at Humboldt State, double majoring in journalism and environmental science. The 19-year-old can often be found wandering in the forest, writing, and climbing trees. She enjoys painting, dancing, any creative outlet, but writing and telling stories are closest to her heart. Skylark aspires to combine her passion for writing, with her love of the environment by becoming an environmental journalist. After traveling to Nicaragua to volunteer with an environmental sustainability organization, Global Student Embassy, she reevaluated her own perception of the world. Skylark decided she wanted to dedicate her life to helping the environment. Hopefully she will be able to make a positive change, no matter how small; she dreams of a healthy world with understanding and acceptance between individuals. More than anything she yearns to travel, experience different cultures, and develop a greater understanding of the world around her.

Cynthia Martinez Soto, 19, is a freshman at HSU coming from the San Diego county area of California. She is majoring in both communications and journalism in hopes to pursue a career in the journalistic field. Growing up an extrovert has allowed her to become extremely comfortable talking in front of large audiences and has made her feel more secure in her decision in choosing communications and journalism as her subjects of study.

Hello my name is Bailey Morgan Tennery. I’m a sophomore, a journalism major who lives in Arcata, originally from Vacaville, California (aka Cowtown). I’m a full time student and full time employee at Blue Lake Casino, where I’m a housekeeper on the casino floor. I enjoy writing stories and poems. One day I want to be published. Writing to me is calming. check out my site https://cinderbay.wordpress.com/. I’m a lover of country music currently I can’t stop listening to Dierks Bentley called Black. I listen to other genres, but country music reminds me of home. I speak two languages if you can believe it, one is English the other is Sarcasm. If you need a translator I’m your woman. When I have spare time the first thing I do is watch comedy central, SNL, or a late night television like Jimmy Kimmel. Laughing is my hobby and a defective coping mechanism. I was born from a box of laughter.

My name is Nicholas Vasquez and I am a freshman journalism major at HSU.  I am from Redlands, CA, which is about an hour east of LA.  I aspire to be a sports broadcaster when I graduate, and I already have experience in the field as I interned for a radio show called “The Inland Sports Show”, where I received air time and was able to gain experience on the radio.  I have had a lot of experience in sports in my life as I played baseball for 10 years, basketball for 3, and football, water polo, and soccer for one year each, which has given me a reputable mind for sports.

My name is Jasmin Ward. I am a first semester student and I love nature and the wildlife here in northern California. Originally from the San Fernando Valley. I am used to the city life and how both fake and real news alike can spread like wildfire. Never really knowing why fake news became so prevalent, I always have had a passion for discovering the truth. I am now a journalism major here at Humboldt State. I enjoy living on campus and hanging out with friends and doing the different activities offered here. I am a proud owner of a dog and a cat that currently still reside in the San Fernando Valley. I am an avid hiker and on sunny days I often can be found exploring the nearby forest behind the campus.