Flapjack staff BR Online Spring ’17

Courtney Anderson, 24, is in her last year as a kinesiology major. She is finishing up her last semester while abroad in Chile. She is currently teaching English to a group of students at the Naval Academy in Valparaiso, Chile. She loves to travel the world and hopes to continue traveling soon. Courtney would like to use her degree in kinesiology to teach children around the world about living a healthy lifestyle.

Casey Barton is an enthusiastic student of Religious Studies at Humboldt State University. Her love of spiritual traditions inspires her to seek understanding and meaning in all of life’s experiences. She enjoys living in downtown Arcata and being minutes away from beautiful Humboldt nature spots where she can meditate and appreciate such lush environments. As a student advisor for the University of Metaphysical Sciences in Arcata, Casey gives back to the community by supporting students of metaphysics and their training in different healing arts. She has traveled extensively in India and plans to return there.

Grace Becker is a senior political science student here at HSU. She’s attended HSU since her freshman year and is excited to finally graduate this spring. A Residence Life student staff member, she is currently applying to graduate programs in Student Affairs/Higher Education so she can continue working with college students after she leaves HSU. In her spare time, Grace enjoys playing tennis, embroidering, video games, and listening to music. Her favorite bands are Glass Animals and London Grammar, and she speaks a little Mandarin Chinese.

My name is Cassaundra Blancett. I am am a social work major student at Humboldt. I Enjoy positively affecting the lives of those around me and I hope that one day there is world peace! I belive in good vibes, and that you will get what you put out!

Treanna Brown, 22, of Oakland, came to HSU with hopes of being a journalist but drifted into the field of criminology. Writing has always been her passion so she decided to take up a minor in journalism her senior year. With the love of writing Treanna is able to bring to the journalism team stories from different events around Humboldt County, particularly crime related issues.

Cody Centeno is a 22-year-old business major who is specifically studying in management. As a freshman, he was a marine biology major, but quickly realized that science at a higher academic level than high-school was not his forte, and changed his major. He will graduate after the fall semester of 2017, and has not yet figured out what he plans to do once he does graduate. Cody grew up in the mountains of Southern Humboldt County, on a 45-acre piece of property. He is just the third person in his whole family to go to college, with his aunt and brother earning their degrees before him. Some of Cody’s hobbies include, but are certainly not limited to: snowboarding, fishing, swimming in the river, working on his truck, and going to the beach with his girlfriend and their dog. His birthday is Nov. 7, 1994.

Jordan Colombo is a senior at Humboldt State University. Originally from Concord, he decided to come up to Arcata to finish off his degree in psychology. He is an aspiring writer that wants to travel the world and see as much as he can before he can no longer travel anymore. His plan is to move to Australia after he graduates from Humboldt State University to do a working holiday. For his free time Jordan likes to play games with his friends or fizz out at a wall and think about all the other things he can be doing while his teacher is giving a lecture. Jordan finds sitting in a classroom to be very boring and uninteresting to him, and that is the reason he will not further his career in getting a masters degree or any higher degree.

Noel DiBenedetto, 21, is a junior sociocultural anthropology major and a journalism minor, with interests in applied anthropology, feminist theory, and photojournalism. She transferred to Humboldt from downtown L.A., and plans to travel as much as she can afford to after she graduates. Her favorite things to do include reading, hiking, dancing, drawing, singing, and being outside as much as she can when she is not studying. Noel has never been good at sports, but has always been good at school, and has an immense passion for learning about people and their ways of life, which is why she enjoys anthropology so much. She is extremely dedicated to helping people, and plans on making social justice issues the focus of whatever career she ends up taking on, whether it be a career as a journalist, an activist, or a professor.

Hey all ! My name is Denne Dickson, I was born and raised in Oakland. I just made 21 years young on Friday Jan. 13. I am a 3rd year at Humboldt State, my major is currently political science and I’m considering minoring in ethnic studies. I enjoy being outdoors more than anything and I love studying what many would consider conspiracy or crazy. My favorite color is purple, favorite animals are zebras, favorite TV- Show is the X files and I love just about all food. I enjoy this journey called life and I wake up everyday knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be!

Garrett Goodnight, 21, is a junior anthropology student with a minor in journalism. He transferred to HSU from Huntington Beach, California, with the intention to find more rain and trees. In his free time, Garrett enjoys playing sports, comforting his cat, and hiking. After college he hopes to enroll in grad school, somewhere out of the country studying ethnography to eventually become a professor. He is striving to get a PhD, mastering in the topic he eventually chooses. Throughout life, his main life goal is to travel the world with his life partner.

Matthew Hable is a journalism and public relations student at Humboldt State University. He transferred from the community college in his hometown, Monterey, California, in the spring 2017 semester. After graduating from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles in 2005, he pursued a career in audio engineering and similar jobs in the music industry. Fast forward ten years later, he decided to pursue a new career, and HSU is an important stepping stone to achieving his goals of becoming a public relations specialist. Hable is currently a fundraiser for CCAT (Campus Center for Appropriate Technology) and works various positions, including ticketing, at CenterArts. Hable enjoys diving, songwriting, recording arts, photography, backpacking, and traveling. He has traveled to Germany, Czech Republic, South Korea, Mexico, and other parts of the world. In December 2016, he earned his Open Water Diver certification. Lastly, he is signed up for several seminars through Center Activities, including surfing and archery.

Chris Ledman, 61, is an extended learning student from Hayfork California. After moving to Hayfork in 2010 she became a certified paralegal and has received her accreditation to represent clients at Board of Immigration Appeals court. Before her move to California she lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and volunteered at a homeless shelter in North Amsterdam. After receiving her degree in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Iowa she began working in 1977 with Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Iowa City, Iowa as a computer programmer. Chris retired in 2006 after living 7 years in the District of Columbia. During her time in D.C. she volunteered for five years as a sexual assault counselor and on-sight advocate. On her return to Iowa City in 2006 her volunteer work continued at the Johnson County Crisis Center. In this capacity, she assisted families, including refugee families, in gaining food support, financial support, and providing advocacy. She returns to Iowa City 4 times a year to continue this work. Chris has friends who are famous politicians, authors, and people who live under bridges. She believes diversity in her life provides the most precious learning opportunities.

My name is Raven Linton and I am majoring in business management and minoring in public relations. I’m a current sophomore here at HSU. My future career goals are to become a successful talent manager for up and coming rappers and R&B artist, as well as being a PR manager. One day I will either work for a huge corporation or create my own. My passion is to help others strive for what they want and for myself to be great in the process. Stay tuned.

Stephanie McGeary is a junior and journalism major with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in music. She transferred to Humboldt State from City College of San Francisco, where she studied broadcasting and electronic media. Specifically, she is most interested in audio engineering. She has assisted in live sound production in various venues in the Bay Area and spent last semester interning at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. She decided to switch to journalism because of her interest in radio. However, she also wanted to transfer to HSU because she missed her home in the redwoods. She was lucky enough to grow up in the beautiful town of Arcata, but left when she was 18, in search of bigger things. She has since lived in New Orleans, Oakland and San Francisco. In addition to doing sound, her passions include singing, burlesque dancing, bartending, hiking, backpacking and traveling.

I’m Omar Padilla-Lopez, a kinesiology major with an emphasis in Exercise Science/Health Promotion at Humboldt State University. Some of the things that I like to do is lift weights, run, play video games and hang out with friends, and watch movies, and go out. I came from Santa Barbara City College with a kinesiology degree and ran for them for 3 years; used to run for Humboldt State, and finished my last season last spring. I don’t run as much but still stay active by lifting weights, playing basketball, and running every now and then. I started running back in high school, a friend got me into running late cross country my freshman year and continued all the way till now but decided to rest and focus on other things. Before I was a basketball player and found running a better sport and figured I could get better at in the future, in which I was right about. I am a very active person because I am not someone that likes to sit around and do nothing.

Alexis Reyna Parra, 18, is a freshman journalism major at HSU. Originally from Southern California, Alexis moved up to Humboldt for a change of weather and scenery. Alexis likes to travel, write, binge watch Netflix, and update her beauty and fashion blog. She is also a mom to a 2-year-old black and white cat named Charlie. She was first interested in journalism towards the end of her junior year in high school which pushed her to join her school newspaper her senior year, where she quickly became the Social Media Editor while also writing an opinion piece, multiple staff features, and campus news. Alexis aspires to be a nice version of Miranda Priestly.

My name is Monica K. Robinson. I am 31 years old and reside in Eureka. I grew up in New Hampshire and moved to California when I was 19 to be closer to my nephew and brother. I graduated from College of the Redwoods with an Associates in Behavioral Science. My passion is music. I used to play piano but I find myself searching for new music everyday. Scouting music is something I am very good at. Most underground bands I find and listen to end up going big a year or two later. This is a skill I hope to utilize one day. I am also starting an online dating service involving a particular band. I hope to go public within 6 months to a year.

Sara Simon, 27, is a senior recreation administration major with a concentration in Healthy Communities. She grew up in Burnt Ranch, California, and attended Trinity High before going to Chico State. After living in the Bay Area for four years, she decided that city life was no longer for her and moved back to Humboldt to finish her degree. Sara hopes to continue working with the community in healthy lifestyle programs and helping people access healthcare after her graduation this May. On her free time Sara enjoys playing with her two children and exploring the outdoors.

Dominique Sinatra is in her senior year at HSU as a recreation administration major. She grew up in a small town called Nevada City, California, that resembles Humboldt County in many ways. Usually exploring the Sierra Nevada, she now explores the Humboldt coastal range as a change in scenery. Most of her time is spent outside on the trails exploring or getting to the next rock in sight. At the age of 18, she found a love for rock climbing and four years later can’t imagine life without the adventurous sport. While she is not a journalism major or minor, Dominique hopes to use acquired skills to write about hiking or climbing trips of adventurists and share those stories. Prior to attending HSU, she was attending Sierra College studying Deaf studies. In the future she would one day like to work doing recreational adventure sports with the Deaf community. With a focus in Inclusive Communities is one step closer to bridging the gap between the deaf and recreational world.